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Five Nights To be MLG & YTP is a FNAF Fan Game featuring MLG & Youtube Poop Characters.


Doors: You will have to listen for the noises each Meme makes. If you hear this, hold the door shut because turning the flashlight on equals death.

Flashlight: Use this to check around the room. Press Ctrl. to use it.

Monitor: Use this to check around the building. They disable if an animatronic enters that room.

Power: Drains by every action. When it hits zero, the entire building goes dark. Then later Sanic and Weegee will appear in either hall, playing the Toreador March. Then every light goes off and later Sanic and Weegee jumpscare you.

Sanic Mask: If a MLG character enters the room through the hall, use this to fool them and make them go away.

Weegee Mask: If a Youtube Poop character enters the room through the hall, use this to make them leave.

Audio: Use this to make a sound of an angry man to keep Moar Krabs from getting you.

Toggle Map: Use this to change to the Ventilation cameras. They are used to keep a character from getting in the room and killing you. Double click the Vent camera to seal it. One vent can be sealed at a time.

Closet: Spingebill comes through here. Hold them shut or he'll kill you.


Sanic: Starts on the MLG Show Stage. If you hear "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" at a door, hold it shut to make him go away. Also fooled by the Sanic Mask.

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