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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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"Don't be shy"-Pink guy 2017

Five nights at freddys 5 is 5th game of fnaf.You are The man in Some creepy house place you must check the doors to animatronics not kill you. Door can be unlocked by surviving 5 nights because door have new system.


Nightmare Old/Withered Candy the cat is character from FNAC.He activate night 3.

Nightmare Springtrap is charatcer from FNAF.He activate night 2.

Nightmare Withered/Old Plushtrap is Character from FNAF.He activate night 2.

Nightmare Chica is chaarcter from fnaf.She activate night 3.

Nightmare Toy chica is character from FNAF.She activate Night 3.

Nightmare Bontor is new character.He is black Bonnie with microphone.He activate night 2.


Pink guy give you to this place.He is psychopatic so that's why.


Doors is just like in FNAF 4.If animatronic appear in door just close the door and wait if he go away.

Flashlight is make to you see is animatronic here.

Easter eggs




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