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He's like Bonnie but he moves faster Show Stage<Dining Room<East Hall<Left Vent


She's like Chica but only the last one off Show Stage. Show Stage<Buffet<Mascot Only<South Hall



The main animontronics

He's like Freddy but only he's the 2nd one off and He's doesn't have 2 jumpscares. Show Stage<Party Room 2<Kitchen<Right Vent


He's like Foxy (Get it) Also He moves like a jogging theme Adult Cove<Kiddie Land<Left Vent


Adult Cove

FOX and PBS at stating location

He's like Balloon Boy but less annoying But don't take all of your power and have 2 jumpscares Adult Cove<Dining Area<Right Vent


He's like CBS but in the kids area AKA as Party Room. Party Room<Kiddie Land<East Hall<Left Vent

Cartoon Network

He's like ABC but have an intense jumpscare and take all the power and laughs. Party Room<Adult Cove<West Hall<South Halll

Disney Channel

Party room 1

The Party Room Animontronics

She's like Mangle but not broken apart and the one who caused the bite of 01. Party Room<Kiddie Corner<East Cove

Nick Jr.

She's Nickelodeon Younger Sister and lives in Kiddie Land. Kiddie Land< Party Room<Adult Cove<Left Vent

Disney Junior

He's Disney Channel Younger Brother And was one of the missing child. Kiddie Land<Mascot Room<East Room<Left Vent.

Kiddie corner

They have an area called Kiddie Corner

PBS Kids

He's PBS son and the one who caused the bite of 09 Kiddie Land<East Hall<West Hall<Front of the Office.

Disney XD

He's Disney Channel's Cousin Dining Area<Party Room<Left Hall<Front of Office


Dining area

He's Nick's Farther. Dining Area<Kiddie Area<Mascots Only<Right Office


Flashlight-Uses to flash on the Animontronics

Mask-Use this to disguse yourself as a animontronic

Camera- To check on the animontronics

Phone Calls

Night 1: Uh,hello? Welcome to your new summer job at Logo's Pizza Time Pizza Palor. I used to be in the office before you as a night guard and anyways You have to check the lights if any Logos are at the door and close the doors and just slam the door and you got it anyways check the camera for something Fishy and Use the music box for Disney XD. That's all and see you tomorrow

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