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Five Nights at Sanic's is a game made by Hyper Anon. 


The Player has to work at an amusement park called Sanic Land where the mascots are trying to attack you. it is very hard as it may be one of the fnaf fanmade games with the most ammount of characters there are aproximately 24 characters in the game. And that's just the first one. Hyper Anon is gonna make sequels. Here are the main characters.


"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Sonic the hedgehog


Knuckles the Echidna


Tails the Fox

Another Notable character is doctor Eggman for yelling pingas. It doesn't just have sonic characters. It has a lot more characters such as Mario characters as well as random cartoon characters and funny cartoon/video game characters. It has memes mlg elements youtube poops and random stuff.

Silver the Hedgehog

An Upcoming character for Five Nights At Sanic's 2.

Characters so far(1st game)






Hyper Anon hates Sanic. However when he was making it he started to like sanic and became facinated with him.

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