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Five nights at fredbear's

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the new pizzeria! what could go wrong?


start of the gameEdit

your playing as the purple guy and you arrive a Fredbear's new diner! You go into a door and that's the end

Night 1 endingEdit

Purple guy goes to the secret office reaveling the two springlock suits Fredbear and springbonnie you have a chocie to etheir pick

Spring Bonnie (->) Or Fredbear (<-) when you put on springlock suit you will start Night 2

Night 2 EndingEdit

You walk outside and lure the child to the Secret room and have a chocie to kill him, If you kill the child shadow freddy's parts will be created

Night 3 EndingEdit

You will walk outside again and you will see a Shadow freddy jumpscare. After that you will be reminded that all people have concequences.

you see a child wearing a bonnie mask and you grab him, Again you have a chocie to kill him,If you kill him you see that Shadow bonnie's parts have been created

Night 4 EndingEdit

you are outside without the springlock and you see a child. you approch the child but O.Freddy Glares at you and you have a chocie to kill him

if you kill him the marionete will be created

Night 5 EndingEdit

There are three ways this can end If you chose not kill any of the childs you will see the bite of 87 and get the '87 ending with a trophy with the criying child on it, if you create ONLY shadow freddy or shadow bonnie you will get killed by one of them and get the Shadow ending with a trophy with mike's body parts on it, if you all of the animatronics you will be cornered and you will get into the Spring bonnie suit and die

to get the True ending.

Impossible Mode endingEdit

You see a picture with the fredbear plushie, the picture says some things are ment to be forgotten and you will get a throphy that has the words Fredbear's freind on it, But you can't do Impossible mode again.


Spring bonnieEdit

Activates:Night 1

Path:Main stage(Cam 1)->Dining Room(Cam 2)->Gaurd's Path(Cam 4)->Gaurd's Hall(Cam 5)->Door

->Vent->BackRoom 2(Cam 12)->Hall


Unlike SpringBonnie, this animatronic is faster



This anamatronic is in your office to back of you and will jumpscare you if you dont make a certian sound every 1 min(1st Night)

50(2nd Night)30(3rd Night)20(4th Night)15(5th night-8th night)


Night 1Edit

  • Springbonnie 1 AM
  • (Rarely)O. Foxy all hours

Night 2Edit

  • O.Bonnie 1 AM
  • Spring Bonnie 12 Or 1 AM
  • O.Foxy 1 AM

Night 3Edit

  • Fredbear 2 AM
  • O.Bonnie 12 AM
  • SpringBonnie 12 AM
  • O.Foxy 12 AM
  • O.Chica 1 AM

Night 4Edit

  • Fredbear 1 AM
  • O.Bonnie 12 AM
  • SpringBonnie 12 AM
  • O.Freddy 1 AM
  • O.Chica 12 AM
  • O.Foxy 12 AM

Night 5Edit

  • Fredbear 12 AM
  • O.bonnie 12 AM
  • SpringBonnie 12 AM
  • O.Freddy 12 AM
  • O.Chica 12 AM
  • O.Foxy 12 AM
  • Nightmare 1 AM

Night 6Edit

All animatronics go at 12 Am (Ai. 15)

Night 8 (A.K.A Impossible Mode)Edit

All the animatronics are crazy fast making this Night impossible

Office mechanicsEdit

The DoorEdit

The door is on your right, you can close it when the anamtronics are there, But the hard thing is that there's no light so you have to look out for the eyes. Enters:SpringBonnie, Fredbear, O.Bonnie, O.Foxy

The HallEdit

The hall is where animatronics will try to sneak into the office, Enters:SpringBonnie, O.chica, Nightmare

The MaskEdit

the mask helps you trick anamatronics


This is where nightmare punches through the glass the kill you.

avoid this by closing the vent door

Custom night setsEdit

The bears

O.freddy Ai:20

Fredbear Ai:20

Nightmare Ai:20

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