FNAF crossover is a fan game about Freddy and all his friends traveling the universe into different FNAF fan games to stop a great evil who want to capture universes which are about or related to FNAFs, It acts like a RPG.


it was a normal day in Freddy's when the pizzara got a phone call in the middle of the night. Freddy picked up the phone to hear toy Freddy warning Freddy of a group of attackers that have attacked his location, the call is cut off by the attackers finding toy Freddy in the back room. Freddy tells the others that they need to get out of Freddy's but is too late. Last thing Freddy sees is Chica in a cage, bonnie struggling to escape the grip of the attackers and foxy fighting off the attackers.

Freddy then wakes up in a old room only to see a small, golden version of himself, he explains that he is Fredbear and that they found him unconscious with 3 of the attackers so he along with his friends attacked the attackers and took Freddy back into there yet to be named Village. He also explains that he also found a device that he theories is what brought him into there would. Freddy ask if they could try the device but Fredbear (or now know as adventure Fredbear) explains that he is worried of what the result would be if the result were to be bad. Adventure Fredbear lets you go into the village to join him of a fishing trip at deedees lake, after the fishing trip a group of enemy's attack the village so in a attempt to save the village, adventure Fredbear teaches Freddy how to fight, after fighting the enemy's Freddy and adventure Fredbear encounter eyesore and after a fight learn that he was involved with attack on Freddys. They soon find bonnie tied to a chair and free him, it's at this point Freddy makes the choice to travel the universe to save the universes where the enemy might attack (in this case, universes related to him and his friends) he tells bonnie to make the adventure world the base so they could return to this universe to regroup, now with the knowledge of what the devices do Freddy and adventure Fredbear use the device to travel to there next location ...Candys burger and fries.

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