Bolt make original FNOC 3 but this is my version.


Doge is replaycing Springtrap.He is meme dog.He activate night 2.He also have scratch on the eye

Springtrap is the character from old pizzeria Freadbears family diner.He activate night 3.

Sonic e.x.e is evil clone of sonic.He activate night 2.

Phantom Tonic is the character from Old FNOC pizzeria.He doesnt have his left arm and he have green,yellow color.He activate night 2.If he jumpscare you you must restart the panel.

Phantom Sandy is character from old fnoc pizzeria.She is green and yellow and she have broken left leg.If she jumpscare you just restart the panel.

Phantom Toy freddy is from previous pizzeria.He have green,yellow color and have broken mouth.He activate night 2.Just restart the panel if he jumpscare you.

Little secret

Pink guy sabotage purple guy.In fnaf 3 purple guy by suit.but in fnoc he do sucside.


Panel is the system of cameras.If animatronic jumpscare you cant see what's on camera.

Mask is the mask of freddy now the mask have toxic because mask was old.So don't have mask on face for so long because you going to die.

Cameras make see where's animatronic


•Horror room A

•Horror room B

•Vent A

•Vent B


•Bolt weed gift hall

•Entarace hall

•Arcade room 1 and 2


•Entarace hall

•Balloon shop

•Memory lane

•Moderator corner

•Poster corner

•Bonnie hallway

•Horror show stage

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