"Mass murder doesn't make you powerful, Steel. Just remember that." -Flesh to Katherine before escaping.
Flesh is a human\animatronic without skin, created as a failed experiment from Katherine Steel to make cyborgs in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. He appears with his legs and waist made of solid metal, with wires and lights on it, and a skinless muscle upper half, the head being half-animatronic and half-muscle.


Flesh was the end result of a machine\flesh combiner that Katherine thought would make cyborgs out of dead bodies easily. It didn't work, though she did accept Flesh as a part of her android army. Thus, she entrusted him with her plans, such as kidnapping Lindsay as a redd herring for her alliance with The Manifestation and Deadbear. He heard her original plan of taking over all the countries of the world and mass murdering humans to make cyborgs, and thought she was doing the wrong thing. Thus, he opposed her.

After beating Katherine in a fight and running away from her base, Flesh eventually found the Manifest attack a CC platoon, so he helped them fight and ward off the Manifest soldiers. A soldier told him to go see The Chef and give him the info he knows, so Flesh found Sancterium City and went into the castle. Once Chef got the information, he instated Flesh as a member, and so he became a mercenary for the CC,and even made a flesh\machine pit for the CC to use.


Flesh is very monotone in terms of personality, similiar to Sangeruis, but people enjoy his company and he can express himself, he just simply doesn't feel like it.

Special Relations

Lucile Smith-The two are close friends, as they kept each company during the war with the Manifest; Flesh comforted Lucile when her mother died, and Lucy enjoys making Flesh happy; A win-win situation.

Yellow Guy-He tries to tell him that his efforts in bringing back his fìancee are useless, to no avail; he respects his ambition and courage, and the two are on okay terms, though.

Sangeruis-He finds that the both of them aren't much personality-wise, so that's common ground for them to talk over; the two get along okay, though a rivalry can be seen between the two for social interaction.

Testy Testerson-He can't stand him; he just talks to him all the time, seemingly without end, and Flesh is just annoyed by him overall. Testy just thinks he is a sourpuss.


-Flesh,Lucile, and Ylivere have made a bodyguard\servant together, named Manga.

-He is trying to make his own System, like System X, by inspecting his hardware and such; so far, it's only basic research.


-Very heavily inspired from Meat from the Mortal Kombat series, in appearance and backstory. Both don't have skin, come from flesh pits, and are failed experiments.

-Flesh sees things in a strange way; since he has one robotic eye and one human eye, he sees things normal in one eye and technologically in the other.

-So far, his flesh pits have created only one other being like himself; however, due to malfunctioning, she exploded shortly after.

-On the back his head, "KS, PM, NF" is written, referencing Puppetmaster, Nightfox, and Katherine Steel herself, masterminds behind his creation.

-Flesh is just a nickname; he chose his real name to be Kenneth Sky-Smith, a tribute to Lucile and Chef.


Chef, King of the CC, I come bearing news about Katherine Steel.-To Chef.

...Hey, Testy....I...Yes, great....yeah....WILL YOU LET ME TALK!?-A typical conversation between Testy and Flesh.


No pictures of Flesh exist yet.

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