Flinny The Fox is a fan-animatronic made by Nat García.


Flinny haves different looks, listed below:

Normal State

He is a brown fox with a blue necktie. He wears a white hat with a blue bowtie and he holds an spear on his right hand.

Old State

He looks like his normal state, but he haves a few rips on his arms and he haves a few loose wires on his left ear. His endoskeleton is also a bit rusted and his right feet is exposed.

Withered State

He looks like in his old state, but the on his arms have a few more rips and his endoskeleton is slightly rustier. His left leg haves a few rips while a large tear extends from his right thigh. He is also slightly burnt and haves an extra arm on his right shoulder that is completely exposed. His spear is also missing.

Ignited State

He looks similar to his withered state, with just some differences: Like the ignited animatronics, he haves black eyes with glowing white pupils. His left hand is missing entiretly and his right hand is exposed. Flinny also haves a hole on his right ear and he is more burnt.

Salvaged State

He looks similar to his ignited state, but he now haves bloody-red glowing pupils. He haves now many holes and his left ear is missing. His hat and his bowtie have a few holes on them with some wires pooking out. His lower jaw is also exposed.

Shattered State

He looks the same like in his salvaged state, but he haves a sixth finger on each hand that is fully exposed. His hat is gone and his whole torso, his arms and his legs are fully exposed. His endoskeleton haves a few cracks and he haves an extra leg that ends on a hand with suit cover that is very damaged. This look out of him is similar to mangle.

Games where he is in (with the look he uses included)

At each game he is more aggresive.

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