Forgotten Freddy's 1/ Five Nights at Forgotten Freddy's 1 is a game developed by Spider Games and Videos/Frisk the Human. The game takes place in Frank Burt's Diner? as seen what is the map layout called and it is called frankburt's so we can assume that the game takes place in Frank Burt's Diner with 3 animatronics called Toy Freddy, Foxy and Frank Burt/Lockjaw. This game has a sad story.

Minigame 1: The Beginning of The Ends

In 1st minigame you are playing as a child and you have to go into Unwithered Recoloured Frank Burt suit.

Minigame 2: Life after Death

This minigame focuses on Spider Games and Videos and he is stuck in the office.

Minigame 3: Backstory - 16 April 1952

In this minigame a man has to take 4 animatronics.

Minigame 4: BE SORRY!

This minigame is seen as TheGameSalmon, Jessica(Spider's Girlfriend) and one more person laughing at Spider. There is a blue guy with Spider( The blue guy is Spider's father because in real life his father always wears blue pants and blue hat).

Minigame 5: the end

This minigame has Frank Burt's diner and Spider laying on floor, knife pushed into him. Blue Guy and his wife are crying while the mysterios man goes and kills Spider's parents.

Minigame 6: bad end

This minigame has Frank Burt's Diner back in production and out of sudden, Spider comes and possesses the animatronics, causing to kill Blue Guy/The Owner/The Boss.

Minigame 7: best end

This minigame is rather sad than happy. You can see Spider back alive but he looks sad and looks at the ground. You cant move anybody and then out of sudden, Spider collapses and dies.


Toy Freddy: He doesnt have one arm and wires are peaking out from his eyes.

Foxy: He is Torture Foxy.

Lockjaw: He is Torture Lockjaw.

Credits: PONIATORFILMS | BFPFILMS ; SPIDER GAMES AND VIDEOS and REAL_THEFANGSOMEWOLF for the textures and little help( except Spider because he is making the game)

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