Four Nights at Craziness is a FNAF fangame developed by PMG Studios(my company),It will be released on Steam,PS4,PS3 and mobile.It is set in Casey Cat's Pizzeria & Fun-house.

Game Mechanics-

Vents:The vents allow animatronics in and also give you breathing air.Casey Cat,Danny,Ben(East Vent)Connie,Laney,Penny(West Vent)use them.

Vent Seals:Located above the vents as a green button.A push of the button will lower a grate made of thick metal over the vent exit,not letting the animatronics in,causing them to turn back or stay until you use the Casey mask.

Vent Lights:A red button above the vents.Pushing it will light up the vent exits,allowing you to see if an animatronic is inside.

Casey Mask:A mask of Casey,probably his face itself,as Withered Casey has no face.The mask gets animatronics out of the office,but raises your craziness meter.

Craziness Meter:The meter underneath your power meter.If you wear the Casey mask for too long,your craziness meter will raise,and your screen will start pulsating in rainbow colors,and you'll go crazy,resulting in a game over.


Night 1

Scrapbook note:

Hi and welcome to your job at Casey Cat's Pizzeria and Fun-house!You will need to learn the basics of this job(A long list of Terms of Agreement,with the name Levi Jackson at the bottom)If you can agree to those then welcome to the job.If you can't then GET OUT!Have a good night,and I'll leave a note tommorow!

Night 2

Scrapbook note:

Wow,night 2!Record!So tonight,bear in mind the use of the Casey mask,but just don't wear it too long,as your craziness meter will raise,and we don't want that,do we?So,have a good night,and I'll leave a note tommorow!

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