You are hired as a security guard at Milky's Steaks and Meat, a forgotten restaurant. They have been trying everything to try to get popular. They have been spending all their money on news ads. Until you accepted the job.

Milky the Cow


A suspicious leaked image of Milky. Note the blood stains.

"Milky...uh...let's just say he has a few glitches" -Phone Guy


A security camera's image of Milky.

Milky is a reddish brown cow. He wears a rainbow-colored, crumpled party hat and black yoga pants with holes in them. He sings songs that nobody knows about while people are eating.


Milky is first seen on night 2 at 3 AM. His path is Party Center, Storage Area, Kitchen, Men's Bathroom, Main Exit, Right Vent, then the office. He

can rarely go to Bunny House. You can stop him by using the laser gun. In the day he talks to whoever is there. He says, "I'm going to sing Shocks of Light. Sing along!" or "I wish I could have that yummy steak!"

Fire the Fox

"Fire is probably okay" -Phone Guy


Fire is a red fox with a white belly. He has cheek tufts and eyebrows. He has a fur tuft on his head and articulated arms.


Fire is first seen on Night 1 at 3 AM. His path is Dining Area, Storage Area, Emergency Hall, Men's Bathroom, Emergency Exit, Left Vent, then the office. He, like Milky, can go to Bunny House. You can stop him by using the laser gun OR flashing the flashlight. In the day he talks to the only people there. He says, "Do you like your chicken soup?" or "Why did the fox cross the road? To snack on a squirrel hanging out there!"

Donald Trunk (Trunksy)



Trunksy is a grey elephant. He wears nerd glasses and a T-shirt.


Donald Trunk starts on Night 1 at 3 AM. He can go in every camera. He disables the cameras if you don't close the lens. He is the most liked animatronic. He teaches kids to be themselves. Donald Trunk holds a plastic steak on a plate. He says "Be yourself!" and "I'm going to sing Burning Stone with my best friend Milky!"

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