Foxtail is an animatronic introduced in Five Nights at Foxtail's.
Foxtail is an animatronic with similar activity to Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's with its fast movement. Foxtail's beta name of King-Phoenixstarfire.  Foxtail tends to twitch and very rarely the eyes change to the black eyed white red eyes. 


Foxtail is very protective of his friends. When he was confronted by the killer he tried defending his friends but died in the process. He cares about his friends and he will do anything for them just to keep them safe. The aniomatronics look at him as a great leader but he never cared that he had power. He just wanted to protect his friends. He wants to kill the guard but he only does it because he thinks the night guard is the killer that took his and the others' life.



He usually talks to her about his personal things and they seem to be very close. No one really knows what he says to her but it's so personal it's private and he's a pretty social guy.


Foxtail is always trying to help Peggy get out of trouble but they don't socially interact as much.


Fredrick is Foxtail's best friend and they're both always doing fun things but sometimes he can be a bad influence by making him do stupid things but Fredrick always learns that stupid things don't lead to good things.

Golden Foxtail

Golden Foxtail is the one who makes Foxtail leader by being the source of his wisdom. He is the 5th child that was killed and stuffed into an empty suit. Foxtail always listens to him while he just sits there with a lifeless look on his face. They're not friends but they're not enemies so noone can really tell how close they are.

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