Foxy 2.0 is one of the thirteen animatronics that appear in FNAF 4: Grand Reopening and is the latest version of the Foxy character.


He is one of the tallest of the Animatronics second only to Freddy and Golden Freddy. Foxy know has a red bandana on his head patterned silhouettes of Foxy's head and holes that reveal his ears. he wears a black and white striped shirt, blue jeans with holes on the knees and a belt with a pizza shaped buckle. Foxy, now missing his signature hook. instead has his left endoskeleton hand exposed. Foxy has an eyepatch with a skull and cross bones on it that covers a flashlight that has been built into his head.

He is found in Story Cove at the beginning of each night and will come out sooner the longer the camera remains off of him. much like the first game. however Foxy will run from room to room stopping every once and a while to menace Aisha and stare at cameras. Foxy will always stand in the front door hallway and will play a game of Simon Says flashing his headlight a number of times and Aisha will have to flash her light in the same speed and number, if not Foxy will pounce and kill her.


  • Foxy will sing "Yohoho" and "Ahoy There" every once and a while. making him the only animatronic that doesn't talk backwards.
  • According to Mike, Foxy was always his least favorite and almost died to him a handful of times when he used to work as night watch years ago.
  • Mike also saids that Foxy was built to be a story teller. telling stories of adventures to kids in Story Cove using his headlight to enhance the mood and make shadow puppets.
  • His death screen will show foxy with blood and hair in his mouth. hinting at the Bite of 87'
  • How Foxy functions is a combination of how he functioned in the first and second games.

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