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Foxy 3

Foxy 3.0, also known as Princess Foxy, is a pink fox who is the replacement of Foxy and Mangle. She was made after the Toy Animatronics got scrapped.

She wears a pink princess dress and a purple tiara. The reason she isn't a pirate is because the management thought the original Foxy was too scary, it's also the reason that Mangle was made kid-friendly too. She also has a shooting star on her dress too.

She also made an appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

Please note that Foxy was changed to a girl while the company was making this animatronic.


Foxy 3.0 has a Minigame named Princess Foxy's quest. In this game, you must collect the gems until you see an exit door. You can get a secret, multicoloured gem if you follow the steps, which I will add to Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (Chica3.0's version). You can get a cake ending by getting the cake ending in the Chica's Cake Minigame.


Rock! Dance! Party! Play!

Foxy 3.0 in a poster along with Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0.

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