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"I enjoyed Foxy Fighters enough to make an entire game about it. I extended on the already existing features and characters and made it go through with more features." - TonicHedgefox

Foxy Fighters - Space Assault is a space-shooter spinoff of Five Nights at Freddy's based off of the minigame that appears in FNAF World.


One day in the world of Animatronica, a bunch of evil animatronics and creatures come out from the shadows and start to destroy the land. A group of four heroes and one general team up to stop the evil forces.

The story of Foxy Fighters - Space Assault is split into multiple chapters.

Chapter 1: Souldozer

General Fredbear informs the Foxy Fighters that a giant robot has been terrorizing animatronica and is around a certain part of the sky. With that, Foxy and his crew set off into the sky and fight Souldozer and his minions.



This game plays the exact same as it's original, with slight changes.


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