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"Ugh I don't wanna be here" moaned the preteen. "You Are going to your little brothers party whether you want to or not!" Said a woman accompanying the boy. "but mommmmmmm he's not even my REAL brother." "Young man that's enough!!" whisper yelled the woman. "HWI FRANCIS HI MOMMY!!!" screamed a little boy as he came running towrds them. Well hello little man happy birthday! Said the mother. Yeah happy birthday or whatever. Said the older boy earning an elbow jab. As they walked through the play area The little boy became very fascinated with the animatronic fox in the corner. When watching the show a man in a purple uniform walked up to the little boy. Hi there! He said Oh hello mister. Said the young boy You seem to like Foxy huh. Yeah one day I wanna be a a pirate just like him Arrgh! Said the boy doing a Foxy impression. Well would you like to meet Foxy? Asked the purple man. The little boys eyes filled with joy. Yeah Mister I'd loved to! Well follow me sprout and you can say hi after the show. He took the boys hand and walked him to his doom. *2 hours later* Oh god Honey can you go get your brother were going to leave almost EVERONE has left. Sure mom said the preteen as he started to look. hmm Maybe he's in the storage room. He opened the door and stared. Two dead bodies One of a little girl headless..... And his brother throat slit and blindfolded. Before he could properly comprehend what was going on someone grabbed him coveered his mouth and dragged him into the death room. He woke later as being knocked out with chlorophome. W-where am I the boys voice cracked. Hello kid. Said a voice as a man in purple walked in. What the hell did you do you Fucking Psycho! The boy yelled. Now now now we wouldnt want to use naughty words or we'll get in trouble. LET WE THE HELL OUT,, continued the boy. Ugh fine have it your way. Said the man as he drove his knife into the boys stomach. ACK! yelled the boy. Now you see what happens when we're naughty don't you? teased the man. Pleas........ the boy barely mumbled. Hahah aren't you funny your not leaving. Said the man. He picked up a jar of clear liquid. He started pouring it over the boy. What are you doing-g asked the boy in dread. He ignored his question and said its a bit cold in here isn't it? He took out his lighter and set the boy on fire. That liquid turned out to be gasoline. The boy screamed as he was engulfed in flames. Only when the screaming stopped the man put out the flames.

Fracis Mclee was 12 when he was burned alive by purple guy.

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