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Alright, time to write a creepypasta in a way I never have.


This is a creepypasta, 'nuff said.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

"Come on everyone! It's time to leave the food and walk out the door! The day is almost over!"

Those last words dawned on me as the last cheerful words I heard from the golden bear on that one stage.

Oh, Fredbear's Family Diner, it used to be my favorite past time where I'd used to go. I loved the three main animatronics that played those songs and gave you funny little jokes that everyone loves. There's also the fox in the curtains that never really caught my attention. I got all the merchandising and it was just brilliant. There were also two other animatronics...two I never liked. They were completely gold, one looking like Freddy and the other looking like a bunny. Mainly the Fredbear animal I didn't like, he had sharp meancing teeth with large brown eyes that stare deeply as they play songs. A lot of animatronics seem to be broken, some having rips in them and I can see their skeletons... if they even have any. They also had voices that constantly repeat themself, and that can sometimes drive some of the kids up the wall.

"Why you saying that again?!" was a common phrase I hear from the little three year olds that come here. Most of them just come for the regular chicken nuggets and fries, some come for the pizza and most come for the burgers. Honestly, I don't come for the food, rather the entertainment, however, I will dine on the food when it's mandatory.

Chapter 2 - Begin


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