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Fredbear, also known as Golden Freddy and referred to by code as Yellow Bear, is a spring-lock suit animatronic from Fredbear's Family Diner. He is a golden pudgy bear which use to reside in the safe room.
Golden freddy2


Fredbear has gone over multiple changes within design. Most of the reasons are unknown, as either Fredbear wasn't used or it was completely pointless.

Fredbear's Family Diner

Spring Freddy Chomping

Fredbear, as he appears in a minigame in FNaF4.

Fredbear looks like a pudgy yellow bear with a purple hat and bowtie. He has a brown nose with brown pupils. His regular eyes are grey. His head is seperated into two parts, with a grey mechanical part splitting the two parts. He has teeth on both his upper and lower jaw. He holds a microphone.

Plushes of Fredbear feature buttons on his chest, which is not regularly on the Fredbear suit.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria : Toy Era

While Golden Freddy was not used in the Toy Era, his suit sitll remained, and was apparently hallucinated by the two workers there, Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith. He has the same appearance to old Freddy model in the back. He lacks a ear, exposing wires. He also has no eyes, still exposing wires. His hat is slightly tilted to the side, coloured black along with his bowtie. He has one button on his chest. This incarnation of Fredbear is mostly withered, exposing endoskeleton, springs and wiring. However, Fredbear's equipment, like microphone, hat and bowtie, are still intact.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria : Final Era

Golden Freddy's suit was revised but still not used for the final Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. He has a similar appearance to Freddy in that time. He was only coloured yellow, and had a dark blue hat and bowtie. Like the previous location, he was hallucinated by Mike Schmidt.

Fredbear's suit was later destroyed by the Purple Guy, freeing the soul of the Bite of '83 victim inside of him.


Fredbear's suit was made for Fredbear's Family Diner, a locations for kids and adults alike. He was a spring-lock suit that could be used as an animatronic, which trys to go towards sound, or a suit, where a human can jump inside. However, the suits were very unsteady, unconfortable and dangerous. A incident got the place almost closed down due to multiple spring-lock failures. However, the person lived.

Fredbear was the cause of getting the place shut down, as he had a child put inside his mouth, and accidently bit him. This event was later called "The Bite of '83". This caused the place to get shut down for good.

Fredbear's suit was later left to rot in the back, and for some reason, got changed. It was eventually destroied by the Purple Guy, freeing the possessing soul of the Bite of '83 victim.

Other Incarnations

While there may only be one true Fredbear, there are also many incarnations of him.

Purple Freddy

Purple Freddy is a unused Fredbear suit left in the back to rot. It was used by the Purple Guy to lure the animatronics into the safe room, a room they cannot enter. This Purple Freddy has also been rumored to be hallucinated by Jeremy Fitzgerald, and he nicknames it Shadow Freddy.

Nightmare Fredbear

Nightmare Fredbear is a nightmarish version of Fredbear's Family Diner's Fredbear. This was made up by the imagination of the Bite of '83 victim. Unlike other Fredbear incarnations, this one has teeth in its stomach, and is heavily withered.


Nightmare is a incarnation of Nightmare Fredbear, with the same general appearance, but with black fur and a yellow hat and bowtie. He seems to be transparent in places, exposing endoskeleton and what seems to be a brain.


Fredbear has a similar personality to Freddy Fazbear. However, he is a slight annoyance for the main four animatronics for taking his place. He moderatly stays in the shadows, but allows himself to come out when free. He usually remains in the safe room for most of his days.

He's best friends with Spring Bonnie, Plushtrap, Purple Freddy and Evil Freddy, as they both reside in the safe room with him. He is a bit of a friend to the main four animatronics, however, he does have a tendency to turn against them. Fredbear doesn't have much to say about the toy animatronics, but will speak to them if needed. Golden Freddy has no opinion on the guards, but attacks them anyway, as they hallucinate him, he'll attack them, or watch them slowly die of a heart attack.


  • Golden Freddy is the only animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 that doesn't appear on the cameras.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the two animatronics from the first game who didn't reappear as a phantom in the third game.
    • However, Phantom Freddy bares a resembalance to Golden Freddy.


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