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Freddy's Death Rounds or FDR is a multiplayer survival horror game based on Five Night's at Freddy's.

Gameplay Edit

The game is based on Slender: The eight pages, Five Night's at Freddy's and Slender Fortress 2. The game consists of maps, you collect eight pizza boxes and other missions, avoiding the various animatronics that will be chosen at random.

Maps Edit

Map are a important content of the game, maps are varied and chosen randomly.

= NOTE: If you have map ideias, tell to me, your idea can be cool (I will put the credits) =

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (1987) Edit

Size: Medium - Animatronics: All

This is the main map in the game, is basicaly the map from first game

Return To Freddy's Edit

Size: Medium

The Freddy Fazbear's Pizza from the second game.

FredBear's Family Diner Edit

Size: Small - Animatronics: SpringBonnie and Fredbear

This is basically the pizzeria from FNaF4.

Bite of 87/83 Edit

Size: Medium - Animatronics: Only Foxy's and Fredbear

This is the map from first game, but there's blood on the floor and pictures of Fredbear and Foxy.

Fazbear Hills Edit

Size: Large - Animatronics: All

Is Fabear Hills from FNaF World.

Fazbear Fright Edit

Size: Medium - Animatronics: SpringTrap and Phantoms

You know, FNaF 3.

Special Map: Candy Burgers and Fries Edit

Size: Large - Animatronics: All

This map only can appear in Special Rounds, it's the pizzeria from Five Night's at Candy's.

Fazbear Hills (Night time) Edit

Size: Medium - Animatronics: Funtime Foxy, Toys and RWQFSFASXC

This map is from Five Nights at Freddy's World, it's the star location of the game (in FNaF World), but the map is on night time to look more scarier.

Nightmare House Edit

Size: Large - Animatronics: Nightmare animatronics

It's the house from FNaF 4.

Animatronics Edit

Animatronic Type Hurt (1-10) Speed (1-20) Maps Chase Theme
Freddy Fazbear Chaser 10 8 All Toreador March
Bonnie The Bunny Chaser 5 10 All Bonnie noises
Chica The Chicken Chaser 4 8 All Chica noises (Similiar to Bonnie).
Foxy The Pirate Fox Chaser 3 15 All (Specially The Bite of 87) -
Golden Freddy Teleporter 10 - Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (1987) Robot Voice
Purple Guy Chaser 8 10 All -
SpringTrap Chaser 10 13 Fazbear Fright FNaF 3 song - It's Time To Die.
Nightmare Chaser and Teleporter 10 5 All Your KillScreen sound
Withered Freddy Chaser 8 9 Return To Freddy's -
Withered Bonnie Chaser 3 11 Return To Freddy's -
Withered Chica Chaser 2 10 Return To Freddy's -
Withered Foxy Chaser 1 17 Return To Freddy's -
Fredbear Chaser 10 3 FredBear Family Diner -
Phantoms Teleporters 1 - Fazbear Fright -
Mangle Chaser 5 5 Return To Freddy's Your radio noise
Fixed Mangle (Funtime Foxy) Chaser 7 7 All FNaF World - Challenger theme
RWQFSFASXC Teleporter and Chaser 10 6 All Robot Noises
Toys (Excluding Mangle) Chaser 6 5 Return To Freddy's and Fazbear Hills Robot walking sounds
Nightmare Fredbear Chaser 10 4 Nightmare House Fredbear Laugh

Modes Edit

  • Pizza challenge: You need to collect the eight pizza boxes to win.
  • Survive The Night: You only need to survive to 6AM, try to get alive with other players.
  • Easy Medium Hard: You only survive for a unlimited time, the player that survived the most time wins.
  • Escape: Try to find the withe door to exit the map and win.

Protagonist (Players) Edit

The player can't control the animatronics who following others, the player can costumize your avatar with hats, clothes and other things, and he can set as animatronic or guard (This is just an avatar , the avatar the way not fulfill a different role in the game).

Special Rounds Edit

Extra life Edit

All Players got a extra life in this round.

Double Trouble Edit

Add one extra boss on this round, oh no!

Night Vision Mode Edit

NO FLASHLIGHTS! Now you have the night vision ;)

Break My Mind Edit

Nightmare is coming!

You Can't Run Edit

OH NO! I CAN'T SPRINT ANYMORE? This is terrible!

Foxy Time Edit

Survive the Foxy!

Funtime Foxy! Edit

Survive a round with Mangle!

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