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"He's NOT welcome in our band" said Freddy. -Freddy FazBear in FN@F PC GAMA

Freddy FazBear


State Not Finished
Type UnFinished
Behavior Short Tempered
Place Show Stage

Link to game page:'s_(PC_GAMA_Version)   Freddy is a main character and leader of The Freddy Club/Band in FNAFPG.



You all knew it! (unless you never met me, but most of you have)

Freddy is very flexible but there is 12% chance he will be stubborn when you start up the game, forcing you to shut down the game and then play again so that the game continues . He is also short tempered, so try not to get killed. Also, I can't describe how freddy feels when he succeeds, but an old friend of mine can.


He looks like his FNAF form, but with rosey cheeks and a broken eye. one of his are stiff because his wiring is covered.


  • Freddy has not been released for the kids to enjoy, so he is not broken. Just not finished
  • Freddy does not appear on the games cover. take a look:

    LOOK! NO FREDDY! just fredbear (aka golden freddy)

  • Freddy seems to be bleeding. that might be how purple man stuffed the kids in the animatronics, they were not on stage yet, so he could put them in. but how golden freddy?
  •  Freddy and his band are the least important characters that are important.
  • Freddys eye may be glitched only because he's unfinished.
  •  So far, this piece of TRIVIA and the one below are the only ones that don't start with Freddy.
  • No one knows why freddy's bow tie changed in between FNAFPCG and FNAF1. but then again, they might have repainted his bow tie.