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Info Edit

Freddy is 1 out of 10 of the starter character in Fazbear Rumble

Specials Edit

Special: Top Hat Toss. Freddy throws his Hat and when it attacks or hits the screen it will come back to his hand and when it does Freddy puts it back on.

Side Special: (Jump)scare. Freddy Jumps onto his opponent NOTE: If your not close enough, Freddy will fall sown and it will take a while for him to get back up.

Up Special: Microphone. Freddy brings out his Microphone and swings it in the air.

Alt. Costumes Edit

Yellow: Freddys Yellow Costume is based of Golden Freddy

Purple: Freddys Purple Costume is based of Shadow Freddy from FNAF2 Minigames

Red: Freddys Red Costume is based of Toy Freddy from FNAF2.

Stats Edit

Power: 8

Speed: 3

Defence: 8

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