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Freddy Fortress is a first person shooter game in which 2 teams take each other down in a 12 VS 12 showdown. There is a total of 13 maps, 31 classes to play as, with 9 game modes to enjoy.

Game updatesEdit

Fortress Arrivers UpdateEdit

The first official update for Freddy Fortress, Fortress Arrivers, adds new content to the game, such as:

  • 5 new classes
  • 1 new map
  • A new "Phantom" side-class (for Freddy, Chica, Mangle, Foxy, BB and The Puppet)
  • 6 new weapons for the new classes
  • 3 new weapons for every other class

DLC ContentEdit

DLC (or down-loadable content) in Freddy Fortress mostly consists of adding characters that didn't make it in, into the game. They also include new weapons and maps, as well as game modes!

Remodel Mayhem DLCEdit

The Remodel Mayhem DLC is the first DLC for Freddy Fortress. It adds:

  • 3 new maps
  • 1 new game mode
  • 3 new classes, Toy Freddy, Springtrap and Toy Bonnie
  • 10 unlockable weapons for all previous classes
  • 6 unlockable weapons for each of the new classes

Nightmare DLC Edit

The Nightmare DLC is the second DLC for Freddy Fortress, apparently there is 4 of everything cause FNAF4 has been officially confirmed, which is cool... this pack adds:

  • 4 new gamemodes
  • 4 new powerful and amazing classes, Nightmare, Endo, Spring Bonnie and Fredbear
  • 4 unlockable weapons for each of the new classes
  • 4 new and unique bosses for the Nightmare Destroyers gamemode

Game modes Edit

Capture the Camera Edit

In this game mode, the two teams are fighting over 1 camera in the middle of the map. Within the 5 minute time limit, the team with the most Cameras wins.

Pizza Push Edit

In this game mode, one team has to push a cart full of pizza, and the other team has to stop it. Time is re-added if the offensive team passes a check point.

Animatronics V.S Endoskeletons Edit

In this game mode, 6 players team up together to fend off waves of an Endoskeleton army, trying to defend the pizzeria from their cursed parts. There are varying waves to survive, and upgrades along the way.

Classical Crashout Edit

In this game mode, it's a never-ending fight between the two teams, which throws in more to put you off from the other game modes! Very spooky!

Factory DefendersEdit

Added in the Remodel Mayhem DLC, this game mode is a King of the Hill style game mode which has a control point in the middle. The team that holds the point for the longet until the time runs out wins.

Nightmare DestroyersEdit

Added in the Nightmare DLC, this game mode is a Capture the Camera-type gamemode, except there are four powerful bosses around the map which freely roam, to kill whoever they see.

Hall SprintersEdit

Added in the Nightmare DLC, this consists of a race between all the players with all random classes, to see who is the fastest. This is full of strategy and co-operation, which means both teams will have to work together to finish. Each race they finish, some will be killed and be forced to spectate, and the race gets harder.

The ShiftEdit

Added in the Nightmare DLC, this is the gamemode from the map Round-a-bout now, which pits all players in the office, forced to use the doors, lights and cameras to protect themselves. After the halfway point, they are allowed to free roam, but if they leave the office, they lose all power, and have to last as long as they can.

Fear BumpersEdit

Added in the Nightmare DLC, this pits all players against each other in a bumper cars format. Each time somebody is bumped, they get jumpscared. If they get jumpscared 3 times, they are out, and it gets worse. The players that are out get to drop traps on players if they wish, to break their huge advantages or give them a possible boost.

Classes Edit

Initial releaseEdit

Foxy/Speed Edit

  • Foxy is the Speed class, the fastest in the team, but has a sloppy amount of health, and a double jump. Along side this, Foxy's weapons are the fastest to shoot.

Balloon Boy/Bomber Edit

  • Balloon Boy is the Bomber class, a slow, bulky class that can take a lot of damage, and deal it back with explosive balloon launchers. He has the highest damage single shot of any class.

Freddy Fazbear/Flame-man Edit

  • Freddy is the Flame-man class, a recommended starter pick. He's armed with a flame-releasing microphone, a decent amount of health, immunity to other Freddy's fire on the other team too.

Chica/Trapper Edit

  • Chica is the trapper class, giving her explosive cupcakes, the same health as Freddy, the same speed as Balloon Boy, and a mix of tricky to dodge explosive cupcake variations.

Bonnie/Chain-gunner Edit

  • Bonnie is the Chain-gunner class, armed with a whopping 300 health, the slowest speed in the game, and tons of rapid fire guitar strings that have been sharpened like needles.

Mangle/Assembler Edit

  • Mangle is the Assembler class, she can build machines for the team to support in 3 ways: transportation, defence, and recovery. She has, however, a larger hit-box that all the rest due to her long tail.

Toy Chica/Reviver Edit

  • Toy Chica is the Reviver class, she specializes in healing her teammates, with a decent 150 health, medium speed, and a rapid fire, non-explosive cupcake assault rifle.

The Puppet/Marksman Edit

  • The Puppet or Marionette is the Marksman class, with a high-scoped music dart rifle, and deadly accuracy. This, however, drops his health to 125, and has the slowest weapon fire in the game.

Golden Freddy/Infiltrator Edit

  • Golden Freddy is the Infiltrator class, with a large hit-box, and a focus on stealth, teleporting around the map. 125 health, medium speed, and the feeling of stealth. Are you ready for Golden Freddy?

Bungale/Sky Trooper Edit

Unlock: Play on Creep-Creep Box 40 times

  • Bungale is the Sky Trooper class, who can jump higher than usual, and take no fall damage. But the cost of mobility, gives him a small health penalty.

Mr. Handy/Spookman Edit

Unlock: Kill 100 enemies from behind

  • Mr. Handy is the Spookman class, giving him lots of spooky tricks. Wall-jumping, teleporting, and draining health too. A bag full of tricks, however, lowers his damage.

Sapella/Speedette Edit

Unlock: Win a game with each of the nine starting classes

  • Sapella is the Speedette class, having the same speed and weapon type as Foxy, except two differences. Her weapons and health are completely different to Foxy's.

Gamer Guy/Boombox Edit

Unlock: Blow up 50 enemies in total

  • Gamer Guy is the Boombox class, giving him lots of noisy explosives! But, this makes him easier to spot and hear due to the loud explosives. On the bright side, more damage!

Lindsay Kingsland/Ninja Edit

Unlock: As any class, kill 2 enemies at the same time

  • Lindsay Kingsland(or simply Lindsay) is the Ninja class. This gives her a speed boost and drops health to pick up deadly attacks.

Toy Bungale /Hacker Edit

Unlock: Kill a total of 20 enemy Mangles and 5 of each machines. Telepad exits and entrances are combined for 10.

  • Toy Bungale is the Hacker class, giving a slight focus on infiltration. Toy Bungale carries a "ScrAP buster", which disables, and eventually destroys enemy machines. However, Toy Bungale cannot jump unless falling.

Unifluffia the Unicorn/Floatiper Edit

Unlock: Kill 10 mid air enemies

  • Unifluffia is the Floatiper class. This lets Unifluffia float while jumping, and has a sniper rifle to use at will. Jump height is not as big, however.

King Freddy/Flame OverlordEdit

Unlock: Play Freddy Fortress for over 10 days in a row, 2 hours a day.

  • King Freddy is the Flame Overlord. This gives him a natural flame immunity and intense fire power. However, this drops his speed to a slow Bonnie's pace.


Unlock: Control 200 enemies with The Puppet

  • "Far" is the Brainwasher. She can completely immobolize and blind any enemy to look straight into the eyes if they are visible. However, this only gives her two actual weapons.

Dylan/Assassin Edit

Unlock: Play Freddy Fortress for a month

  • Dylan is the Assassin. He is very quick and swift. He can easily sneak up on opponents and kill the opponent in 2 hits. He is hard to be seen.

Frisky Frycat/SpyEdit

Unlock: Win your first Animatronics V.S Endoskeletons game

  • Frisky is the Spy. He has an on command shield, invisibility and has the same speed as Freddy. But on the bad side of life, he has the same health as the Puppet, and is a big target.

Death/Screamlord Edit

Unlock: Defeat 1000 enemies using Mr. Handy.

  • Death is the Screamlord class, delivering him with a very high amount of health, but very low walkspeed. He also has a skull launcher which can fire skulls that jumpscare your enemies.

The Chimera/Destroyer Edit

Unlock: Defeat a total of 300 Mangles.

  • The Chimera is the Destroyer class. It has a huge amount of health but is a pretty big target and has pretty low speed. It can capture enemies around it with its "Scrap n' Smasher", a big claw that smashes them to pieces once they're captured.

DLC charactersEdit

Remodel Mayhem DLC packEdit

Toy Freddy/Igneous ConquerorEdit

Unlock: Kill 180 enemies with after burn damage

  • Toy Freddy is the Igneous Conqueror. This gives him a natural flame immunity and powerful weapons. However, this turns him into the slowest class in the game, for more health.
Springtrap/Horror KingEdit

Unlock: Jumpscare 1000 enemies

  • Springtrap is the Horror King. All of his weapons are capable of jumpscaring and can buff and debuff anyone the jumpscares occur onto. Sadly, you have a magnet in you, drawing opponents to you faster.
Toy Bonnie/Height LordEdit

Unlock: Jump over 50000 tiles in the air in total

  • Toy Bonnie is the Height Lord. He has the highest jump height of any character, at the cost of having very little health and weak weapons.

Nightmare DLCEdit

Spring Bonnie/Gale ReaperEdit

Unlock: Push 200 enemies off the map into bottomless pits or cliffs

  • Spring Bonnie is the Gale Reaper. Similar to Springtrap, except a few things have been changed. In addition, Spring Bonnie can use his melee weapon to climb up walls. On the flipside, he cannot be healed or revived no matter what.
Endo/Surprise ScoutEdit

Unlock: Kill 300 enemies while they can't see you

  • Endo is the Surprise Scout. He's fast and mobile, and has a very good rate of hitting for perfect damage. However, he can be instantly killed by explosives.
Nightmare/Invisible WarlordEdit

Unlock: Kill 20 opponents in one hit each

  • Nightmare is the Invisible Warlord. He's very sneaky like Endo and can deal a lot of damage, but his invisibility has a mind of it's own, and activates whenever it wants, preventing you from doing what you want.
Fredbear/Fazbear MonsterEdit

Unlock: With all "Fazbear" variants, kill 100 enemies each.

  • Fredbear is the Fazbear Monster. He can deal huge damage like Nightmare, but due to his fatness, he is very slow, and due to the dozens of rips, he has fragile defenses.

Added in the Fortress Arrivers UpdateEdit

Devil Yoshi/DemonspawnEdit

Unlock: As Golden Freddy, Spring Bonnie or Springtrap, kill every member of the enemy team within 7 minutes time.

  • Devil Yoshi is the Demonspawn. He has lots of devious damage output weapons, and has a large hover jump. However, he cannot fly if hit by a melee weapon, and his weapons can be broken to never be used until the next match.

Bonnette/Iron AcrobatEdit

Unlock: As all "Bonnie" variants, kill 100 enemies each.

  • Bonnette is the Iron Acrobat. This gives her above average health and very high damage dealing weapons. On the bad side, she's rather slow, and each time she gets hit, her damage goes down by 3% each time.

Balloon Girl/Ghost DetonatorEdit

Unlock: As Balloon Boy, kill 1000 male characters and 600 female characters.

  • Balloon Girl is the Ghost Detonator. This gives her the advantage of her attacks never missing as long as the enemy is in her view. However, one shot from anything will take her down in one go.


Starting weapons + stats of characters Edit

Stats Edit

Foxy Edit

125 health

22 walk speed

Double jump

Balloon Boy Edit

200 health

15 walk speed

Explosive weapons

Freddy Edit

175 health

18 walk speed

Afterburnn effect

Chica Edit

175 health

15 walk speed

Explosive weapons

Bonnie Edit

300 health

11 walk speed

Rapid fire weapons

Mangle Edit

125 health

18 walk speed

Can construct machines to support team and has a metal limit of 250

Toy Chica Edit

150 health

16 walk speed

Can heal teammates with her heal cupcakes

The Puppet/Marionette Edit

125 health

18 walk speed

Gets triple damage on his rifle if head-shot

Golden Freddy Edit

125 health

18 walk speed

Can teleport around the map

Bungale Edit

100 health

15 walk speed

Can jump to insane heights

Sapella Edit

150 health

19 walk speed

Has largest weapon variety

Gamer Guy Edit

175 health

17 walk speed

Noisy explosives

Mr. Handy Edit

200 health

14 walk speed

Melee weapons can reach 9X1 tiles away

Lindsay Edit

175 health

17 walk speed

Can instant kill from behind with melee weapons

Toy Bungale Edit

125 health

20 walk speed

Can destroy buildings easily with the "ScrAP buster"

Unifluffia Edit

150 health

14 walk speed

Can float while in the air

King FreddyEdit

200 health

11 walkspeed

Immune to all fire damage


130 health

18 walkspeed

Can immobolise and blind enemies


110 health

25 walkspeed

Can easily sneak up on enemies


125 health

18 walkspeed

Is a big target, but can infiltrate enemy lines with ease

Death Edit

125 health

19 walkspeed

Has a skull launcher that can fire jumpscaring skulls

The Chimera Edit

525 health

8 walkspeed

Can tank lots of damage and easily destroy any enemies in close range

DLC CharactersEdit

Remodel Mayhem DLC packEdit

Toy FreddyEdit

300 health

8 walkspeed

Most destructive fire weapons


200 health

13 walkspeed

Most weapons jumpscare an enemy that gets hit

Toy BonnieEdit

80 health

16 walkspeed

Can jump the highest out of any character in the game

Nightmare DLCEdit

Spring BonnieEdit

170 health

17 walkspeed

Can use his melee weapon to climb up solid walls


200 health

15 walkspeed

Instantly killed by explosives.


280 health

20 walkspeed

Invisibility activates randomly


200 health

9 walkspeed

Always deals double damage on his attacks

Fortress Arrivers UpdateEdit


Weapons Edit

Foxy Edit

Pirate Shooter - Shoots small cannonballs at high speeds depending on how quick the player presses the fire button.

Wheelerang - Tosses a wheel which returns to Foxy after a while. Can hit twice, direction can be altered.

Foxy's Hook - Scratches an enemy in range with the hook on his left hand.

Balloon Boy Edit

Balloon Launcher Mk.1 - Fires a balloon which explodes. 3 colors can come out, red, blue or yellow. Yellow is the fastest, red does the most damage, and blue is the most unpredictable.

Sonic Cruncher - Laughs into a megaphone, confusing all enemies in a radius of 4 X 6 tiles.

Vent Copter Cap - Hits an enemy in range by headbutting them. Can be used to climb into small objects like vents and pipes.

Freddy Edit

Flame-o-phone - Shoots a stream of fire which can be held down. Inflicts after burn.

Jester Box - Plays his theme, and then jump scares an enemy who hits him. Lasts 20 seconds, needs 1 minute to recharge.

Microphone Hammer - Hits an enemy on the head with the Flame-o-phone. Inflicts after burn, can confuse 25% of the time.

Chica Edit

Cupcake Cannon - Fires an exploding cupcake, can bounce of walls. Explodes instantly if hitting an enemy or an enemy machine.

Love Pistol - If it hits an enemy, it will blind them with a pink screen when they are hit for 3 seconds, then explodes on them when the pink screen runs out.

Force-Fed - Shoves an explosive cupcake into an enemy's mouth. Triple damage if done from behind.

Bonnie Edit

String Gun - Fires guitar strings rapidly, which weakens over a distance.

Hallicicracker - Fires a hallucination poster which homes in on the nearest enemy, blinding them with hallucinations for 3 seconds.

Guitar - Smashes an enemy in range with his guitar, inflicts a random effect on the enemy hit.

Mangle Edit

Mixed-up Tranquiliser - Fires her detached eye. If it hits an enemy, parallelizes them for 2-8 seconds. Can be charged.

Construction gram - Makes a building. 150 metal for Scrap Gun, 75 metal for Infi-knight and 125 metal for each Transpad.

Tail Pounce - Hits an enemy in reach with her tail and bounces off of them. Can be used to get to higher ground. Can also repair and upgrade buildings, as well as removing ScrAP-busters off of them.

Toy Chica Edit

Retiltleiser - Fires a spread of 5 needles at once. Drains health from the hit enemy to Toy Chica.

Cupcake Ressurect-0 thousand - Feeds a dead ally with a cupcake, and heals them with a pink laser, reviving them and healing them to full health.

Decline Bite - Bites an enemy in range. Hits 3 times, increases by 35 damage each bite.

The Puppet/Marionette Edit

Tear Rifle - Fires a bullet the color of tear water. The longer zoomed in, the more powerful the shot gets. Triple damage if head-shot.

Soul Posseser - Controls an enemy in a short range, hurts the enemy the more they are controlled.

Mask Rage - Takes off his mask and slaps an enemy with it, controlling them. Dies afterwards, but controls the enemy hit.

Golden Freddy Edit

Haunt Revolver - Shoots a "IT'S ME" hallucination bullet at an enemy,damaging and blinding them for 20 seconds, weakens over a distance.

Warp Scare - Teleports to a random spot on the map, kills an enemy near after teleporting.

Brain Crasher - Kicks an enemy in the head, instantly killing them if they have less than 100 health.

Bungale Edit

Sky Rifle - Shoots a blast of purple wind which pierces through targets.

Compistol - Shoots explosive pistol rounds. Had a chance to bounce of walls.

Tail Blade - Slices an enemy with his large, black tail.

Sapella Edit

Candy Bowler - Rolls a candy-covered bowling ball which increases power the more enemies it hits each roll.

Pink Tesla - Shoots a pink laser of icing. Heals Sapella half the damage done.

Spiurike - Jumps over an enemy and thrusts a spike through them. Instant kill, slow swing.

Gamer Guy Edit

Gamer Noise - Shoots loud, explosive sound discs. Explodes on contact with anything.

Crash Revolver - Jumpscares an enemy for 4 seconds, and confuses them for 2 seconds.

Headset Slam - Slams an enemy with both sides of his headset. Hits twice.

Mr. Handy Edit

Spook Shottie - Shoots ghost-possessed bullets in the range of a shotgun. Gets stronger the closer the enemy is.

Two Trick - Shoots two bullets at the same time like a pistol.

Nightmare Bite - Bites an enemy, giving them hallucinations.

Lindsay Edit

Gear pult - Tosses a gear. Can bounce off 3 solid things before breaking.

Hunter Bow - Fires an arrow from her bow & arrow. Triple damage on headshot, flies in an arc.

Pipe Bat - Smashes an enemy's head in with a burning pipe. Inflicts after burn.

Toy BungaleEdit

Camera Buster - Shoots aluminium darts which break anything that uses cameras, such as Scrap Guns. Also does damage to players.

ScrAP-buster - Absorbs energy out of machines Mangle creates. Takes time to recharge, can be removed off of machines by Mangle's melee weapon.

Grappling Wire - Fires his tail ahead which sticks to walls. After that, pulls Toy Bungale to where the tail stuck into.

Unifluffia Edit

Sniper Shot - Shoots rainbow ammo (which makes a trail of rainbows behind it which are temporary) with a sniper, as suggested. A scope is also included.

Terrain Alter - Once per every game, Unifluffia is able to make her horn get a temporary yet transparent outline of blue-ish green colors, during this time she can make certain objects have the same outline and be able to be moved by her. She CANNOT move during this period of time.

Horn Slash - With her unicorn horn, she slashes it in front of someone to do some serious damage.

King FreddyEdit

Magma Cannon - Shoots a burning pile of heated rocks which can inflict after burn and do splash damage.

King's Punisher - Shoots a golden blast of energy which can penetrate through walls and players. Inflicts after burn.

King's Staff - Smashes an enemy with his kingly staff. Inflicts knockback.


Esionage Revolver - Shoots a silent bullet that pierces through enemies.

Iron Visor - Shoots an iron laser from a visor that tangles enemies up, blinds them, and eventually makes them look Far dead in the eyes, making them prey to your control.

Arrow Shaft - Stabs an ememy with an arrow.


Rifle - A steady shooting gun which shoots as fast as the player can click.

Grenade - A grenade. Once thrown and detonated, it takes 20 seconds to get another one ready.

Knife - A sharp blade that slices down your enemies in a short range.


Pizza Launcher - A cannon that fires explosive pizza. What more could you ask for?

Smoke Bomb - A smoke bomb which you can use to hide yourself, and, eventually, all around you. Takes 20 seconds to get another one ready.

Tackle - Rams into anyone nearby, inflicting knockback and slowness.

Death Edit

Skull Launcher - Fires exploding skulls at your enemies that move at high speed. Once in contact with any player, it will explode and jumpscare the player at the same time.

Screech from Hell - Makes an extremely high-pitched screech that can confuse all enemies in a 4x8 radius, as well as give them hallucinations for up to 6 seconds.

Claws of Terror - Scratches the enemy multiple times with his sharp claws. Can deal a random amount of damage.

The Chimera Edit

Scrap n' Smasher - It can capture an enemy around it by launching a big claw at them. Once they're captured by it, they're insta-killed. It takes some time for it to be usable again.

Furious Charge - Increases its speed for 5 seconds. Any enemy that gets in the way will be highly damaged. Can't use its main weapon when this is activated.

Shockwave - Damages and stuns any enemies close to it for 3 seconds. Takes a good chunk of its own health when used though.

DLC CharactersEdit

Remodel Mayhem DLC packEdit

Toy FreddyEdit

Igneous Pult - Shoots out burning stones and lava. Inflicts after burn

Magma Whip- Shoots a burning lava laser which hits multiple targets. Inflicts after burn.

Top hat Blade- Slices an at enemy. Can be used to slice open objects to make holes to hide in.


Fright Laser- Shoots a loud jumpscare bomb at a target, and jumpscares whoever it hits.

Wire Pistol- Fires a long wire which can trap an enemy in place and grapple Springtrap to walls. Can also jumpscare whoever it hits.

Armageddon Gloves- Punches an enemy. Inflicts knockback and jumpscares.

Toy BonnieEdit

Bon Bon Shottie- Shoots a radius of 40 pellets. Does more damage up close.

Surprise Capsule- Throws a capsule which releases anything in the entire game.

Zeta Bash Hammer- Smashes an enemy with a hammer. Stuns an enemy it hits.

Nightmare DLCEdit


Skeletal Striker - A laser powered chain gun that shoots in bursts of 3. Has unlimited ammo.

Electro Bomb- Throws a wire bomb that creates a burst of electricity, stunning all opponents

Wire club- a wire mass that the endo uses to attack the opponents with.

Spring BonnieEdit

Spring Shot - Creates springs that he can use to bounce off of, as well as all other players.

Rot Breath- Creates a yellow gas that gives a poison like effect called ROT which deals damage over time.

Spring Scythe - A massive scythe like weapon, not only deals heavy damage but allows him to scale walls to escape enemies.


Black Void - Creates a massive black orb, seeking out opponents and damaging them

Fredling Egg -Throws down a black egg, spawning 9 fredlings that swarm enemies

Top hat mine - Turns his top hat into a powerful mine and throws it forward.


Corrupting Gun - Shoots a purple dart which explodes in a short range.

Illusion Warp - Warps back to spawn.

Brutal Whack - A melee weapon that hits twice, using 2 uppercuts.. At once! Ouch.

Fortress Arrivers UpdateEdit


Maps Edit

Initial relaseEdit

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Edit

Description: Join the animatronics in their pizza party! But it's being crashed by the enemies... Enter a realm with a maze-like appearance, and 1 new way to protect your ears!

The map is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza like it appears in FNAF2, and gives all players playing on the map, a Freddy Fazbear Head. With it on, you can block damage if put on quick enough.

Pirate Cove Ship Edit

Description: ARRR you ready for this? I'm sure you ARRR! Leap on to me ship, and explore a ship with spooky secret! ARRR! It's a great ARRRangement!

The map is a wooden pirate ship which has shipwrecked on a shore. There are lots of special prizes and games to play inside the ship, such as a Puppet hunt!

Show-off Stage Edit

Description: It's time to rock guys! 1 2 3 4! Get on stage and fight one on one! The longer you survive, the less prizes you get! Sometimes being a loser isn't too bad!

The map is a giant Show Stage up in the air, and has lots of AI controlled enemies. It's also home to AI animatronic characters which help the players that summon them by playing as them!

Round-a-bout now Edit

Description: I thought 'Freddy' seriously made extras.

This map is a horror map, which the players team up to survive in one room, where AI animatronics are approaching. The Freddy Fazbear Head does not apply here! It's all on the doors!

Creep-Creep Box Edit

Description: You have found it, you've made it mad, The Puppet's music box has came alive and is slowly killing you! Spooky scary music box? Not too scary. It's what's inside...

The map is a giant version of The Puppet's music box from FNAF2. There are 2 things: you are slowly dying the more you move, and there is a red button in the middle. Pressing it will delay a giant version of The Puppet from coming out, and killing all players alive.

Bonnie AirplaneEdit

Description: Everything is cool when you're up with the clouds (only when they have treasure in them, though!)! Did I forget to say that rain... well rains random items RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU?

Golden clouds will be able to be touched, and they give a 2 randomized items. Rain will come from darker golden clouds above the players reach, and it rains random items as suggested by the description.

King Freddy's PalaceEdit

Description: King Freddy has invited you to do battle in his palace! Just don't break anything or he'll go berserk!

A giant golden room with breakable, fragile objects. If you break 3 objects in a row, a giant King Freddy statue will come to life for 20 seconds, and squash all in it's path. Afterwards, all that died will be team swapped.

DLC MapsEdit

Remodel Mayhem DLC packEdit

Eered PillarEdit

Description: A giant, indestructible(?) pillar. What could go wrong?

You are fighting on the pillar, which, from time to time swings from left to right if too many players are on one direction, which might make it fall over, and kill everybody, except the players in the air.

Grand CavernEdit

Description: This is everyone's dream place! For peace, and war! Are you ready for the confusion?

There are mirror walls everywhere, in a maze-like shape, where you have to find and kill any enemies you run into. Whoever makes it to the middle gets to move one mirror to a different place, before being sent back to the start.


Description: Turn it up! Come on, you've done it, made a paradise! Come on in! Go go go! Woooo!

You are fighting on a giant DJ's desk, with discs. Every now and then, the discs will spin, throwing anyone touching them out of the map, into their doom.

Other weaponsEdit

Initial releaseEdit


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weaplon Slot Unlocked
The Fan Blows enemies back Does no damage Extinguishes flames Any Random Drop


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Ol' Sinker Extra 50% damage Shoots 100% faster Slows Foxy down to 50% speed Primary Random Drop
Shivering Timbr Tossed and returns 20% faster Takes 10 seconds to be thrown again Can only hit 1 time instead of 2 times Secondary Random Drop
Plank Walker Shots can penetrate targets 10% less damage Grants the ability to headshot while equipped Primary Foxy Milestone 1
Platanium Anker Attack 40% faster Adds an extra 50 health while equipped Cannot swap weapons until you kill someone with it Melee Random Drop
Enhanthorn Does an extra 30% damage Range is doubled Double jump disabled while equipped Melee Random Drop
Timburn Inflicts afterburn on the hit enemies -3 health per second while equipped Speed increased by 20% Secondary Foxy Milestone 2
Six Shooter Shoots 25% faster 30% less damage Reload speed increased by 80% Primary Random Drop
Toss Shell Alt fire: Tosses a hard rock which confuses the enemy hit for 4 seconds Health reduced by 25 Revived 60% faster Melee Random Drop
Kingly Hook Cannot be revived Extra 75% damage Allows Foxy to go through small spaces Melee Foxy Milestone 3

Balloon BoyEdit

Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Blue your mind Balloons are 40% more likely to be blue balloons 50% less damage Can damage allies Primary Random Drop
Grapple Cap Allows the ability to grapple to get to high places Makes Balloon Boy 20% slower Cannot climb into small objects while equip Melee Balloon Boy Milestone 1
Drillolver Does 50% damage of a red balloon Can stun machines built by the enemy team Only has 5 uses each respawn Secondary Random Drop
Pop-ular Balloon radius is 50% bigger Balloons can bounce of walls Can only fire yellow balloons Primary Balloon Boy Milestone 2
Jet-paC Allows Balloon Boy to use a jet pack to fly. Drains your health the more you use it Can be stolen Melee Random Drop
Showwot Allows Balloon Boy to ride the balloons Can damage teamates Extra 100% damage Primary Random Drop
Ear Buster Radius extended to 10X10 tiles Hit-box increased by 20% 40% slower to activate Secondary Balloon Boy Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Napalm-o-phone Extra 100% damage Has an 'overheat' bar which fills the more you use it 50% less ammo Primary Freddy Milestone 1
Igneous Pipe Extra 50% damage Does no damage to enemy Freddys Can feign death once every 40 seconds while equipped Primary Random Drop
Puppet Box Hits 5 extra times Needs 6 minutes to recharge Cannot jumpscare enemy Puppets Secondary Random Drop
Clockwhacker 50% more damage Cannot inflict after burn Breaks after 3 kills until you respawn Melee Freddy Milestone 2
Champ Gloves After killing an enemy, triple damage for 3 seconds Attacks 20% slower Illuminates the dark Melee Random Drop
Punchetron Box Alt fire: Tosses the Punchetron Box, which punches nearby enemies and trips them over Stuns 30% longer 90% louder Secondary Freddy Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Devastrap Can be used on multiple enemies at the same time Heals the enemy 30% of their health Adds an extra 25 health while equipped Melee Chica Milestone 1
Flash-gun Can be charged Does not work on machines Does no damage Secondary Random Drop
Valentime Can control machines Cannot affect players Blinds the enemy 40% longer Secondary Chica Milestone 2
Sweet Rifle Projectiles can go a long distance The projectiles does 75% less damage Explosions do 50% more damage Primary Random Drop
Chicken Staff Can create a random variety of effect-causing projectiles Only the projectiles can do damage Speed increases the more health you are missing Melee Random Drop
Cupcake Shotgun Short-ranged Deals more damage the closer the enemy is Cannot explode Primary Chica Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Bon-Bon Ace Revs up 40% faster. 25% more damage. 25% less ammo. Primary Bonnie Milestone 1
Hallucinatrus 2000 Does 25% more damage. 80% slower reload. Hallucinations blind for 5 extra seconds. Secondary Random Drop
Cropture Traps an enemy in a hallucination box for 10 seconds The enemy captured is healed to full health. When the enemy is free, they do triple damage on their next attack. Secondary Random Drop
Carrot Cane Range increased by 1X6 tiles. Breaks after 4 hits and becomes useless. Alt fire: Eat the Carrot Cane to heal to full health. Melee Bonnie Milestone 2
Guitar Gallon Swings 90% faster. Does 80% less damage. The enemy hit is pushed back. Melee Random Drop
String Gatling Shoots 60% faster. Does 30% more damage. Leaves tracer rounds. Primary Random Drop
Hauntrap Can stick to walls and activate when an enemy is near. Hallucinations only last 2 seconds. 10% extra ammo capacity. Secondary Bonnie Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Platinum Pad Increases metal capacity by 100% Machines built have 50% more health Machines take 10 extra seconds to finish building Secondary Mangle Milestone 1
Time Tail If hitting machines: Speeds up construction by 30% Can respawn instantly Can only build one machine of each kind every respawn Melee Random Drop
Scrap Blaster Uses metal as ammo Gives metal back the more damage dealt Uses 50 metal per shot Primary Mangle Milestone 2
Aluminium Pad Increases metal capacity by 300% Machines built have 150% more health Machines take 60 extra seconds to finish building Secondary Random Drop
Encased Tail Skull 50% more damage Can only bounce 5 tiles into the air 40% slower swing speed Melee Mangle Milestone 3

Toy ChicaEdit

Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Cupcreator Revives 75% faster Activates 60% slower Attracts projectiles while reviving Secondary Random Drop
Candy Hammer Extra 50 health Does 40% less damage Alt fire: Eat the Candy Hammer to heal 100 health Melee Toy Chica Milestone 1
Flap Contrap Allows Toy Chica to fly if not hitting an enemy No damage Swings 50% faster Melee Random Drop
Chili Spray Sprays a hot Icing Laser that does damage Inflicts after burn Cannot triple damage Primary Toy Chica Milestone 2
Shortcake Shotgun Short-ranged

Can heal allies if they are hit

Heals more over a distance

Deals 25% less damage Primary Random Drop
Rebuilder Can throw parts of dead allies and enemies at enemies, doing damage Heals 50% faster Cannot swap weapons until you get a kill with it Secondary Toy Chica Milestone 3
Icing Laser Cannot revive teammates, but heals instead. Activates 15% faster If used on enemies, drains health Secondary Random Drop

The Puppet/MarionetteEdit

Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Revert Dream Reverses the movement controls on the enemy hit for 5 seconds Teleports the hit enemy to The Puppet Triples damage for 5 seconds on the hit enemy Secondary Random Drop
Spook Rifle 30% extra damage on head-shot 30% less damage on body-shot Reloads 20% faster Primary Puppet Milestone 1
Ghoul Trap Alt fire: Tosses the Ghoul Trap which homes in on an ally or enemy, blinding if enemy, healing if ally Does not work on enemy Bonnies or Golden Freddys Teleports 3 seconds after thrown to the nearest player Melee Random Drop
Spice Haunt Jumpscares an enemy that gets hit for 3 seconds Inflicts after-burn Explodes into an enemy Scrap Gun if misses Secondary Puppet Milestone 2
Oblivion Bolt 75% extra damage Can penetrate targets on full charge No headshots Primary Random Drop
Fright Pan Stuns an enemy hit for 6 seconds Deals half damage done to The Puppet Can be melted by fire weapons and not be used again until the next respawn Melee Puppet Milestone 3

Golden FreddyEdit

Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Hallow-een Jumpscares for an extra 10 seconds No damage Direction can be changed and controlled by Golden Freddy Primary Random Drop
Horror Teleport Jumpscares any enemies in a 6X6 tiles radius after teleporting Can swap weapons 30% faster Prevents movement for 2 seconds Secondary Golden Freddy Milestone 1
Yell Foot Chargeable Spins in a random way Stuns Golden Freddy for 4 seconds after spinning Melee Random Drop
Bypasstun No damage unless head-shot Homes in on nearby enemies and stuns them Invisible shots Primary Golden Freddy Milestone 2
Golden Poster Places a Golden Freddy poster on the floor, anyone who steps on it dies Can kill both enemies and allies Can only be used 3 times each respawn Secondary Random Drop
Legend Hammer 100% more damage Inflicts a random effect on the hit enemy Swings 80% slower Melee Golden Freddy Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Hurricane Rifle Ammo capacity 20% bigger Shots inflict knockback Jump height is halved Primary Bungale Milestone 1
Copy Storm Can copy an ally or enemy weapon for 1 respawn Jumps from player to player The copied weapon is 25% less effective and takes longer to use Secondary Random Drop
Cavalry Blade Extra 50% damage Range increased to 4X1 tiles If misses, hit yourself Melee Bungale Milestone 2
Knight Helm Adds 25 health to Bungale Takes up an equipment slot You can now perform a charge attack Primary Random Drop
Compusher Chargeable Can be used to fly for a short time 80% slower charge time Secondary Bungale Milestone 3

Gamer GuyEdit

Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Headset Disk Makes hit enemies bleed Only hits once with basic melee attack Alt Fire: Throw the disc for a long range, deadly assault of hits Melee Random Drop
Game Over 150% bonus damage Takes 80% longer to reload and fire 70% bigger explosive radius Primary Gamer Guy Milestone 1
Show Stopper Shoots a spread of 19 pellets Stuns for 7 seconds Any pellets that do not hit do damage to Gamer Guy Secondary Random Drop
Battery Loss 40% bonus damage Shots go through enemies Takes 10 seconds to reload and prepare a shot Secondary Gamer Guy Milestone 2
Audio Drain Silent shots Shots can be used as platforms to ride on Shots go 30% slower Primary Random Drop
Headset Hammer Hits twice, second hit does more damage than the first Range is 60% wider Slows Gamer Guy down by 60% while selected Melee Gamer Guy Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Sweet Boomer Does explosive damage 35% less radius with splash damage Can bounce off enemies 3 times for more damage Primary Random Drop
Vampire Icing Sticks hit enemies to the ground for 3 seconds Heals everyone around in a 4X6 tile area Leaves a trail of pink wherever it is used Secondary Sapella Milestone 1
Desert Thorn Swings 30% slower If miss, hit yourself Does 70% more damage if hitting in front Melee Random Drop
Heat Sphere Inflicts after burn Instantly destroys machines 50% less damage Primary Sapella Milestone 2
Tangle Icing Can tangle an enemy up in the icing 25% slower walk speed when equipped Deals 60% more damage Secondary Random Drop
Sprike If hits a wall, bounces Sapella into the air Does no damage Can launch teamates too Melee Sapella Milestone 3


Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Horse Shoes She can move slightly faster No damage Now if you do Shift+D with Unifluffia, she goes into a state where she runs rapidly, but this ability must recharge and is only 20 seconds long Primary Random Drop
Unicorn Helmet Her head now has a pink helmet (which has no confirmed name for the material right now) which covers between her eyes and her horn too Horn Slash does 4+ damage If you have Horse Shoes, she goes slightly faster with Shift+D, suggesting the pink material decreases weight Secondary Unifluffia Milestone 1
Animatronic's Device Chargeable She can shoot magical balls from her horn now (they have a tiny steel sphere inside of the magical ball) Her horn is now rainbow-coloured, and if you have the helmet the pink material (ONLY) covering her horn has a rainbow-colored glow Melee Random Drop
Bee Body-Rockets 2 rockets which are yellow with stripes of black go on her body (1 left, 1 right) When Unifluffia moves, bees come out of the back of the rockets, speeding her up The bees do 0.1 damage if a animatronic touches them Primary Unifluffia Milestone 2
Magic Shield With Shift+D, when she gets hit on the front, the front of a spherical magical shield will block the attack If anyone is unlucky enough to touch the shield, they will be insta-killed due to "too much force" The shield only has 50 HP Secondary Random Drop
Shadow Cloner You can switch between her shadow and mortal animatronic (animatronic disappears if you switch to her shadow) Shadow can only move on walls, the floor and a roof Shadow can only effect shadows, and the shadow is linked the animatronic, so the animatronic will move with the shadow Melee/Primary/Secondary Unifluffia Milestone 3

DLC CharactersEdit

Remodel Mayhem DLC packEdit

Toy FreddyEdit
Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlocked
Burn Shifter Has an overheat system Can bounce off solid objects Alt fire: reflects all explosive projectiles in front of you Primary Toy Freddy Milestone 1
Prank Hat Has a ScrAP buster inside it Can attach onto players and stun them with the ScrAP buster's thunder No damage Melee Random Drop
Iron Gatherer Attracts all metal objects on the floor which are then fired at enemies 30% less accurate Any hit enemies in the air fall to the ground Secondary Random Drop
Aluminium Hat Swings 3 times at once 40% damage bonus Cannot make holes Melee Toy Freddy Milestone 2
Fazbear Punisher 40% bonus damage 30% bigger range No after burn Primary Random Drop
Blizzard Laser Replaces fire with ice Slows down hit targets Can be used to make platforms Secondary Toy Freddy Milestone 3
Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlock
Spine Whipper Every time it hits an enemy, slows them down and jumpscares them 40% more range If you miss, you hit yourself 3 times Melee Springtrap Milestone 1
Bunny Boxers Gives a X4 damage boost on 2 kills in a row 30% less damage Attacks 20% faster Melee Random Drop
Fear Raising Tesla Goes from enemy to enemy dealing more damage each time No jumpscares Hass unlimited ammo Primary Springtrap Milestone 2
Spring-Trap Traps an enemy in an iron spring The trapped enemy can jump higher while trapped Whoever walks into a Spring-Trapped player gets trapped too Secondary Random Drop
Body Breezer Slows the hit enemy down Can be used to push yourself forward Only does damage if the enemy is above you Primary Random Drop
Sapper-Trapper Stops the hit enemy from moving for 5 seconds Explodes after 5 seconds Only has the range of a melee weapon Secondary Springtrap Milestone 3
Toy BonnieEdit
Name Abtribute 1 Abtribute 2 Abtribute 3 Weapon Slot Unlock
War Capsule Only spawns projectiles Projectiles spawned can damage teammates The projectiles spawned do 25% more damage than the originals Secondary Random Drop
Guit-Basher Does no contact damage Makes a gust of wind which pushes and reflects Alt fire: Tosses the guitar which breaks and splits into lots of projectiles Melee Toy Bonnie Milestone 1
Bon Bon Buster Only has 30 pellets 50% more damage While equipped, can only jump half as high Primary Toy Bonnie Milestone 2
Vanish Bounder If you miss, you teleport up into the air Does 50% less damage Hits twice Melee Random Drop
Support Capsule Only spawns health kits and ammo boxes Recharges 30% slower The items made can be stolen by enemies Secondary Toy Bonnie Milestone 3
Bow of Ages Shoots bow arrows that fly in an arc Only shoots 4 at a time Can get headshots Primary Random Drop

Update CharactersEdit

Fortress ArriversEdit


Gameplay screenshotsEdit

Achievements Edit

Main arcticle: Freddy Fortress/Achievements

Adding contentEdit

NOTE: This is only if you want to be supporting more. Your ideas will be taken in if approved!


To add weapons; you have to specify three abtributes (stat changes or new effects as opposed to the original, at least one bad), give it a name, and how you get it. So specify:

  • The weapon
  • The three abtributes
  • Who wields the weapon
  • How you get it
  • When was it added


This part is quite simple. Simply specify what character you want to be added, and it will be added in! It will NOT be overpowered, all classed are as balanced as they can be. For example, Toy Bonnie's capsules make him an unpredictable enemy. But due to the way he can be used, he's made easy to defeat in health terms. So specify:

  • The character
  • Health
  • The three starting weapons and what they do
  • Class
  • Unlock (Optional)
  • DLC character (Optional)

"Meet The" character "clips"Edit

Meet the FoxyEdit

The clip begins in the RED spawn. Foxy, BB and Toy Chica looking to see the enemies. Up ahead was an enemy BB, Mangle, Bonnie, and a Puppet. The door opens, and Foxy dashes straight out, dashing past the Scrap Gun that the BLU Mangle had made, and was being pursuited by a Freddy and a Bonnie. He soon outran the two, and they were baited into an endless pit.

After that, Foxy walks into a lone room, set up. "I do not even know where to start with ye landlubber, do ye even know who yer talkin' too?" He says. The scene suddenly swaps to a brief 3 seconds of Foxy tapping Bonnie on the shoulder with his hook. After that, it returns to normal. "Listenin' mate? OK.. Heat burns, thunder zaps, metal melts, and captain? I KILL PEOPLE." The scene occasionally swaps to Foxy fighting Bonnie over a Carrot Cane. "If ye were on me ship lad, ye'd be ****in' dead! ARRR!" He raises his hook into the air, and the clip ends.

Meet the Balloon BoyEdit

The clip begins with a RED BB blowing up some BLU enemies, and then just blasting himself all over the place. "IF YOU'RE GONNA FIGHT, AS LEAST BRING A BRAIN." He shouts at himself. "Whoever said that.. Is a leader." Occasionally, the scene changes to a fight between RED and BLU, BB being the focus.

BB laughs like usual. "..And from that day forward, the only time where a bunch of boxes are in one place is called a STORAGE!" He shouts. The perspective changes, reavealing he was talking to severed heads. One of which, a Freddy head, falls off. "..Unless it's a back room!"

Meet the FreddyEdit

The clip begins, showing Freddy hunting down Golden Freddy and Chica. The perspective changes to Freddy. "I. Am Freddy Fazbear." He says, in a temper. "And I like playing with fire, might was well call me the most burning guy around." Sounds of Chica and Golden Freddy screaming in pain are heard, and soon fade away. "I get targets like the toys got upgrades. Except every target.." Freddy takes a deep breath. His eyes go black with white dots. "Is dead even from the start."

The clip then changes, to Freddy capturing the camera, chased by Mangle. "And if it's anything you should know.." He says, as the clip changed to Freddy defeating Mangle. "The Fazbear.. ALWAYS... Gets. His. Sucess."

Animatronic V.S Endoskeletons infoEdit


Map name Waves Class restrictions

Endoskeleton Entrances

Upgrade Shacks
Balloon Park 21

Golden Freddy

Toy Bonnie


Mr. Handy

2 3
Shallow Chasm 7

Toy Freddy



Gamer Guy

2 1
Helter Castle 14



King Freddy

Toy Bungale

2 2
Creep Data-box 21


The Puppet


Balloon Boy

1 3
Distortion Canyon 35


Toy Chica




4 5

Endoskeleton typesEdit


Name Health Walkspeed Changes Weapon
Fox Speedster 125 28 Faster than normal Foxy Six Shooter
Bloodster Pirate 200 23 Has more health than normal Foxy Kingly Hook
Fox Scout 125 23 Only attacks if attacked Wheelerang
Life Sinking Pirate 125 23 Does triple damage all the time Plank Walker
Foxy 125 23 No changes Pirate Shooter
Guardian Pirate 125 23 Stays near it's fellow Endoskeletons to protect them Enhanthorn
Pirate Mauler 200 23 Swings 25% faster and has more health than normal Foxy Foxy's Hook
Pirate Lord 1250 80 Faster and has more health than any Foxy type Ol' Sinker

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