Foxy Achievements

Name Objective Difficulty Reward
Sorry! Out of order! Go past a Scrap Gun without getting shot Very Easy Nothing
Hoist the Mizzenmast Win 3 matches in a row within 3 minutes each match Very Easy
Hide and Seek out Destroy 3 machines while they are under construction Very Easy
I'm Foxy, number 1! Top score on your team for the first time after a match Easy
Foxy Milestone 1 Get 9 acheivements as Foxy Easy Plank Walker
Wildest West Fire After igniting an enemy with the Timburn, kill them 10 times with a different weapon. Easy Nothing
I'm sticking to it Attatch onto a vent for the first time Easy
Hooked to the duty Kill 3 enemies with Foxy's Hook with out missing a single swing Easy
Toying with you Kill 50 Toy Chicas and 50 Mangles Easy
Miles ahead of you Run your first 100 miles worth of tiles Easy
You have been framed After killing an enemy, in the kill cam snapshot, stand on their dead corpse. Medium
Hyped up fury Dodge 20 bullets, and kill the enemy who fired them all. Medium
Foxy Milestone 2 Get 17 achievements as Foxy Medium Timburn
Balloon Popper Kill 4 Balloon Boys in a single match without them killing you Medium Nothing
Obey the Arrrrt! Land all six shots on a single enemy with the Six Shooter Medium
Captain Crasher Kill 70 Freddys with your melee weapon Medium
Sea? You killed me! Die from fall damage and have your dead body go in water Medium
I'm not a cartoon In Animatronics V.S Endoskeletons, kill 20 of each Foxy type Medium
Chickened out Kill 10 Chicas with their own explosives Medium
Yo ho ho and a bucket of bolts! Play on Pirate Cove Ship without playing a single minigame Hard
DIStroyed Kill 100 Freddys, 100 Bonnies, 100 Chicas and 100 Foxys Hard
Misfit Masher Kill 70 Balloon Boys, 70 Mangles, 70 Puppets and 70 Golden Freddys Hard
Exclusive Doom Kill every starting class 100 times each Hard
Satisfactory Dash Capture a camera without firing a single shot our of your weapon, or even attacking Hard
What music box? Reflect a Puppet Box with your melee weapon Hard
Lady night Kill 90 of each female character Hard
Not on my timeline Kill 2 enemies within 5 seconds while you have less than 30 health Hard
Broke the body Kill an enemy with the Plank Walker by only hitting them on the back Hard
Foxy Milestone 3 Get 30 achievements as Foxy Hard Kingly Hook
Playmate Murderer Foxy Kill 50 Balloon Boys, 50 Toy Chicas, 50 Freddys and 50 Mangles Hard Nothing
Spider Fox Denial Kill a Mangle before they bounce into the air for the first time since their first respawn Hard
1 is more, 3 is less In one life, only jump one time and kill an enemy before you land. Very Hard
Cove of duty Kill 100 enemies on Pirate Cove ship on one server without the map changing Very Hard
Head first blood bite Get the first 5 kills in an entire map round, each 6 seconds between eachother Very Hard
Ovoyage Kill 2000 enemies in total Extreme

Balloon Boy Achievements

Name Objective Difficulty Reward
Dashing through the vents! Enter your first vent with your melee weapon Very Easy Nothing
Mary Popping Hit 3 machines at once with a red balloon Very Easy
Balloon Party After reloading Pop-ular, kill an enemy from behind, 3 times Very Easy
Pop Fight Kill two Balloon Boys, 5 seconds between each other with a balloon launcher of any kind Easy
Not on sale After being hit with a melee weapon, use the the Grappe paC on a wall, far away from the player who hit you Easy
I'm back Confuse each 12 members of the enemy team at least once each Easy
Balloon Boy Milestone 1 Get 9 achievements as Balloon Boy Easy Grapple Cap
Selling maniac Run out of ammo in your balloon launcher 2 times in one match Easy Nothing
Ha ha ha! Kill 9 Golden Freddys with your melee weapon Easy
High Security Give a balloon to an ally Mangle who then builds a Scrap Gun on the balloon Easy
Boxing Day Knock back 30 of each kind of  box used by Freddys Easy
I'm not your slave Stun 3 Foxys while they are jumping Medium
Balloon Boy Milestone 2 Get 20 achievements as Balloon Boy Medium Pop-ular
Medium Nothing
Light Betrayal Kill 5 of your own teamates in one round with the Showwot Medium
Power Down Destroy 30 ally buildings with the Showwot in total Medium
This timeline makes no sense! Kill 170 Freddys, Bonnies, Chicas, Foxys and Golden Freddys Hard
Balloon Boy Milestone 3 Get 31 achievements as Balloon Boy Hard Ear Buster
Very Hard Nothing
Very Hard
Popping in to visit Kill 400 enemies from behind with your balloon launcher Extreme

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