All racing tracks and battle courses in Freddy Kart 64.


World 1: Pizza Grotto

  1. Bonnie Circuit
  2. Deep Forest
  3. N-ice Cave
  4. Door Pass

World 2: Drink Atoll

  1. Freddy Circuit
  2. Disrepair Fortress
  3. The Puppet's Box
  4. Balloon Boy's Turnpike

World 3: Cupcake Glacier

  1. Chica Circuit
  2. Phone Wire Way
  3. Nom Nom Nom Mines
  4. Zsplode Castle

World 4: Green Hat Hills

  1. Foxy Circuit
  2. Duck Duck Garden
  3. Mike Stadium
  4. Toy Garage

World 5: Present Geyser

  1. Golden Circuit
  2. Microphone Caverns
  3. Balloon Abyss
  4. Toy Chica's Cupcake Factory

World 6: Balloon Sky Sea

  1. Balloon Gorge
  2. Endo Wirewarp
  3. Plastic Graveyard
  4. Hybrid Horror House

World 7: Poison Woods

  1. North Pole Pass
  2. Ligthway Hallroad
  3. Hat Bridge
  4. Cupcake Street

World 8: Mario Station

  1. Guitar Line Passageway
  2. Balloon City
  3. Purple Guy's Castle
  4. Mario Spaceship

Battle Courses


  • Pizzeria Table
  • Office Desk
  • Balloon Cloudtop
  • Shadow Arena


  • Battle Box
  • Icy Ocean
  • Pirate Cove Ship
  • Revealed Kitchen
  • Spaceship's Roof

Battle Course unlocking criteria

  • Battle Box: Play as all boss characters, with the exception of Mario, in any mode for anything.
  • Icy Ocean: Play as all characters (with exception of Mario) on one track in any mode.
  • Pirate Ship Cove: Play as one character for all tracks in any mode.
  • Revealed Kitchen: Play as all characters on their signature tracks in any mode.
  • Spaceship's Roof: Play as Mario on all tracks in any mode.

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