"2 years we've been here, Alex...Now, it's time for you to stay forever." -Freddy Mark 4.
Freddy Mark 4 is an animatronic reboot of Freddy Fazbear, created during Five Nights At The Inventory. He appears wearing a white "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" T-shirt emblazoned with the motto, jeans, and black sunglasses.


Freddy and the rest of the animatronics material were getting stale, so management threw out the Cutting Crew and hoped Lindsay and the others would new material. Instead, they protested the scrapping of the Crew, so they threm out, too, to be replaced. Freddy Mark 4 was created, but scrapped at Night 5.

He rotted for 2 years in the Inventory until the the second game, where Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica Mark 4 were saved by Yellow Guy shipping them to Sancteruim City, the CC capital.


He moves invertedly like his original counterpart; he moves if you check cameras too much, and moves silently and swiftly. He becomes active on Night 3 in both games. Watchman and the Tazer in both games can ward off Freddy. If Sparkplug is used in FNATivent1. Freddy 4 will go after him. You must cameras to prevent him from destroying him. His jumpscare is popping up in front of your face, chomping his teeth.


The Phantom Mark IV in Five Nights At The Inventory 3 has parts of Freddy 4, such as the black sunglasses and the ears. In addition, the phantom makes a distorted version of the original Freddy's laugh.


He is very protective of his friends, and close-minded; if one is good friends with Freddy 4, though, his brave, noble side shines through.

Alex Bartman: He wants to hate him, but he knows it's not his fault he got scrapped.

Lindsay: He finds her annoying, but the two can be seen working alongside each other sometimes.

Toy Lindsay: He liked her, as she wasnt as crazy as, but still as nice as Lindsay. He was sad when she died fighting The Manifestation.

Games He Is In

-In FNATInvent1 and FNATInvent2, he is an antagonist.

-A minor character in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


-Freddy 4 appears to be dressed like a hipster; this might explain what Fazbear Entertainment wanted the new style of the company to be, before the M4s were scrapped.

-Freddy 4 has a prop in his jean pocket; a FPhone666, obviously spoofing the Iphone.

-His withered version in the second Inventory game has rips in the motto area of his shirt, leaving only "Welcome to F ED S F A Z-".

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