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Freddy and All-Stars: Super Drifters is a Racing game with characters from FNAF but also other characters from scotts games. Join characters from Five Nights at Freddy's, The Desolate Hope, Fighter Mage Bard, Iffermoon and More!

Characters Edit

Meet the Racers!

Five Nights at Freddy's/FNAF World Edit

Freddy (Starter)

Bonnie (Starter)

Chica (Starter)

Foxy (Starter)

Golden Freddy (Unlockable)

Springtrap (Unlockable)

Balloon Boy (Starter)

Marionette (Unlockable)

The Desolate Hope Edit

Coffee (Starter)

Bio-Beta (Starter)

Alphus (Unlockable)

Amos (Unlockable)

Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. Edit

Chipper (Starter)

Tyke (Starter)

Seabill (Unlockable)

Termite King (Unlockable)

Fighter Mage Bard Edit

Fighter (Starter)

Mage (Unlockable)

Bard (Unlockable)

There is no Pause Button!/Rage Quit Edit

Runner (Starter)

Rage Quiter (Starter)

Iffermoon Edit

Dinadus (Starter)

Scilence (Starter)

K-2 (Unlockable)

Blungus (Starter)

Girthmoo (Unlockable)

Other Edit

Surviver (Sit N' Survive/Unlockable)

Quester (Forever Quester/Starter)

Pogoduck (Pogoduck/Unlockable)

Kitty (Kitty in the Crowd/Unlockable)

Jumper (Chubby Hurtles/Unlockable)

Flan's (Legacy of Flan/Starter)

Christen (The Pilgrims Progress/Unlockable)

John (Fart Hotel/Unlockable)

Cups and Tracks Edit

See all the Cups and Tracks that are based on Scott's games

Cupcake Cup Edit

Space (Iffermoon)

The Woods (Sit 'N Survive)

Tiki Tree (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Flan Cup Edit

The House (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Track (Chubby Hurtles)

8-Bit World (Fighter Mage Bard)

Overworld (Legacy of Flan)

Horror Cup Edit

Fazbears Fright (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Graveyard (Use Holy Water!)

Robot Graveyard (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Mysterious Mine (FNAF World)

Coffee Cup Edit

Termite Village (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

No Pause Land (There is no Pause Button!)

The Hoping World (The Pilgrims Progress)

Lun Infinus Space Station (The Desolate Hope)

Wooden Cup Edit

Fazbear Hills (FNAF World)

Galaxy (Golden Galaxy)

Rage World (Rage Quit)

Frog Pond (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Pizza Cup Edit

Gemsa (Gemsa)

The Questing World (Forever Quester)

Hotel (Fart Hotel)

Freddy Fazbears Pizza Reopening (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Pogo Cup Edit

Crowd (Kitty in the Crowd)

Track (Chubby Hurtles)

Croople (Croople)

Pogo World (Pogoduck)

The Box Cup Edit

Underworld (FNAF World)

The Desolate Room (The Desolate Hope)

Fredbears Family Diner (Five Nights at Freddys)

The Race of Ages (Origanal/

Downloadable Content (DLC) Edit

DLC in the game is not received with money, but with codes from cards you can get from stores.

Characters Edit

Fredbear (Five Nights at Freddy's/FNAF World)

Springbonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's/FNAF World)

Virtua Freddy and Mimic Ball (FNAF World)

Malenz (The Desolate Hope)

Mirad (The Deoslate Hope)

Lumber-Bot 2.0 (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Blue Crown (Iffermoon)

Dojo (Iffermoon)

Cups and Tracks Edit

Dusting Fields (FNAF World)

Home (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Blacktomb Yard (FNAF World)

Pinwhell Funhouse (FNAF World)

World Tour Edit

Event Types Edit

Battle Race: Survive the race and beat your rivals to the finish line

Boost Challenge: Boost to stop the clock. Pass every checkpoint to win

Drift Challenge: Drift inside zones to earn time. Pass every checkpoint to win

Pursuit: Chase down the Monster (from There's no Pause Button) and destroy it

Race: Beat your rivals to the finish line in three laps

Sprint: Beat your opponent's best lap time

Traffic Challenge: Dodge waves of traffic and pass every Checkpoint in time

Versus: Eliminate Rivals in a series of showdown races

Items Edit

Flavor Drop (Legacy of Flan) Edit

Gives the User a boost

Triple Flavor (Legacy of Flan) Edit

Gives the user the ability to boost three times

Pizza Whell (FNAF World) Edit

A homing item that will hit whoever is in front of the user

Pizza Deluxe (FNAF World) Edit

Gives the player three Pizza's as a use of a homing item

Meteor (Rage Quit) Edit

A Projectile attack

Wood Slice (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.) Edit

Whoever it hits makes there screen go upside down

Vamp (Fighter Mage Bard) Edit

Makes your vehicle glow pink and whoever touches or bumps into it gets spinned out

Pogostick (Pogoduck) Edit

Give you the ability to jump for at least 20 seconds

Modes Edit

Singleplayer Edit

World Tour, Classic Mode and Free Race

Multiplayer Edit

Online and Local Free Race

Trivia Edit

*All FNAF characters are in there FNAF World Model

Gallery Edit

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