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freddy the fighters is a spoof on the horror game FNAF. it, as the name implies, is a fighting game.

GAMEPLAY: the game is basically a spoof of mortal kombat.



freddy: a well balanced fighter that is perfect for first timers.

bonnie: a fast but weak fighter, using him right he can be a major threat.

chica: a strong but slow fighter, has good jump hight.

foxy: the fastest fighter in the game. he takes hits like an old man.

endo: the 1st joke fighter, his air combos are really good.

gold freddy: a stronger clone of freddy.

mike shmit: a weak, yet tactical fighter. very good spacing.


ballon boy: small so hard to hit, but defence is poor. unlock by playing as all starters.

puppet: a OP fighter. unlock by getting all fighters in the game.

springtrap: the final boss of arcade mode. very powerfull. unlock by beating him 3 times.

mangle: a slightly random fighter. unlock by playing as foxy in arcade mode.

purple guy: pretty much mike, but stronger. unlock by beating five nights mode.

plushtrap: the 2nd joke fighter, a weaker springtrap. unlock by doing a springtrap vs springtrap match.


show stage: a hazard free stage.

FNAF 1 office: static sometimes covers screen.

FNAF 2 office: sometimes a toy animatronic pokes his head in.

FNAF 3 office: phantoms can stun fighters.

spare parts room: nothing happens.

bite of 87: in a 8 bit style.

FNAF 4 bedroom: can be hurt by swinging doors.

fazbear hills: a joke stage.

safe room: where you fight springtrap.


multyplayer mode: fight with a freind or CPU.

arena mode: fight throgh a lot of fighters until you fight springtrap.

5 nights: fight agenst all fighters you have.

options: like it sounds.


  • the toy, witherd, and phantoms are all basic skin swaps.
  • nightmare was going to be a secret fighter, but was scraped.
  • there is a planed sequle coming.
  • it was made by FNAFguy234.
  • want a fighter ? comment below!

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