Freddy The Fighters 2: Turbo is a sequel to the game of the same name.

GAMEPLAY: unlike FTF1, FTF2:T will have more crud in it, and have a new thing: jumpstarts, a super attack.



freddy: he's pretty much the same. his super attack is power out.

bonnie: he's a bit slower and stronger. his super attack is bash jam.

chica: has replaced endo with best air combo's. her super is pizza wheels.

foxy: the same as the first game. his super is ultra hook slash.

endo: now has great ground combo's. its super is neon wall.

gold freddy: same as first game. its super is ITS ME.

BB: now a starter fighter. his super is toxic ballons.


mike shmit: he is the same as first game. his super is freddy hat. unlock by playing a fight.

puppet: nerfed up like nuts. its super is puppet box. unlock by unlocking all fighters.

mangle: he/she/it is a lot faster. its super is popper ball. unlock by fighting as foxy 5 times.

springtrap: he is still the same.his super is toxic pizza. unlock by beating arcade mode.

purple guy/vincent/dave miller: same. his super is springlock. unlock by playing arcade with springtrap.

nightmare: a secret boss. his super is the bite of 1987?. unlock by beating him.

shadow freddy: a joke fighter. he is exactly the same as freddy. unlock by entering RXQ in the high score screen.

flumpty?: a joke fighter. his super is BANG BANG YALL. unlock by entering EGG in the high score screen.


scott cawthon: a super secret fighter. super is 4th wall brake.


all stages return, but there are 3 new ones...

eyesore hole: eyesore pops out sometimes

dusting field: nothing really happens.

bed: punching freddy plush makes a honk noise.


arena mode: fight your way through other fighters until you reach the final battle!

5 nights mode: fight agents 5 random fighters until you win!

training: sharpen your skills!

endo ambush: see how many endo's you can beat up until you drop!

high score screen: check you and your friends records!

one hit mode: how many fighters can you beat with one hp?

boss mode: play as nightmare agents loads of fighters!

final night mode: have one last battle with scott himself! (warning: you might get own'd.)


volume: set it to low or high!

fighter video: watch a video of a fighter's complete move set!

settings: set your time limit, HP, stats, and more to spice up the battle!

quit: get the heck out if you need a breather!


  • plushtrap was cut due to it being stupid.
  • in order to fight nightmare, you must beat arcade mode without using the super attack once.
  • nightmare's super was called bite of 1987? cause its debated if he did it or not.
  • this game is much more advanced then the first game.
  • there will be a upcoming game called freddy the f***ing fighter: @$$ version.
  • this game, like the first, was made by FNAFguy234.
  • the name of the game is a reference to street fighter 2: turbo.

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