Freddybeard is a Pirate Themed Freddy. He has an eyepatch in his left eye and a hook in his left hand. He looks very wrecked and has multiple holes in his body identical to Springtrap.


He is stubborn, always arrogant, and sometimes is very aggressive. This affects his behavior in the 5th Night of the first and second game. He always tends to rush at the player very quickly and always walks aggressively from room to room in the first game. In the 2nd game, however, he seems even more aggressive. So aggressive in fact that sometimes when another animatronic such as Withered Freddy is the same room as him, he looks more destroyed, and stays the same for the rest of the night. This is the first instance of an animatronic wrecking another animatronic. His behavior to the player however, is still very identical to the first game.



This strange minigame is very rare. It features Freddybeard walking around in a Nuclear Apocalypse. Numerous tragic sights dot the land. One is an animation of a Seel, later identified as Deen the Seal, burying a deformed version of Blessilda the T-Rex. Another is about him and Deen destroying a truck with armed soldiers with grenades. The main goal of this game is to survive the numerous horrors of this so-called Nuclear Apocalypse. In the end, Freddybeard cures a deformed Spring, and leaves before getting destroyed by a distinct lavender man. It then is ended by a jumpscare by a bloody Lavender Man. Fans dub this man "Vinzennt" After the other fan name of the Purple Man, known as Vincent.


The minigame SURVIVE surprisingly reveals a lot of Freddybeard's backstory. He knows Deen, and knows Spring. In other unstated parts, namely the start, he was fighting with Blessilda. This is interesting as Freddybeard is deformed himself, and once bit Blessilda, made her deformed too. This means that animatronics can infect others through biting. Because of this minigame, he is also revealed to be involved with the Chernobyl incident, as the landscape is very similar to Pripyat.

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