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Freddy LineEdit

Withered Freddy (W.Freddy)Edit

Withered Freddy is the start of the Freddy Line, he looks like Freddy's second game appearance. He's a Normal and Withered type.

Freddydex EntryEdit

This animatronic was left in disrepair, but not much of him was used. He's not the strongest of animatronics.


  • xScream3
  • Quick xScream
  • Pizza Recover
  • Sweet Pizza

Freddy (Fazbear)Edit

Freddy Fazbear is the iconic and second bit of the Freddy Line, he has the appearance of Freddy from the first game. He's a Normal type.

Freddydex EntryEdit

An iconic icon, try say that 3 times fast. He's stronger than other starters, but not good with defense.


  • xScream1
  • Darkness
  • Spicy Pizza
  • Bite

Toy FreddyEdit

Toy Freddy is the last bit of the Freddy Line, he has the Toy Freddy appearance. He's a Normal Type.

Freddydex EntryEdit

The Toy remake of Freddy Fazbear, he's stronger as it looks like he's made out of Plastic.


  • xScream3 (able to relearn it)
  • Quick xScream (able to relearn it)

Phantom FreddyEdit

Phantom Freddy is the other bit of the Freddy Line which can only be obtained when W. Freddy or Freddy has a Phantom Stone. Looks like Phantom Freddy. He's a Burnt and Phantom Type.

Freddydex EntryEdit

The phantomish version of Freddy, once speculated to be Golden Freddy himself.


  • xScream5
  • Limping
  • Error
  • Quick xScream (able to relearn it)

Bonnie LineEdit


Chica LineEdit


Foxy LineEdit


Golden Freddy LineEdit

W.G.Freddy (Withered Golden Freddy)Edit

Withered Golden Freddy is the start of the G. Freddy Line, he's a Hallucination and Withered Type.

Freddydex EntryEdit

The mysterious, probably hallucinated Golden Freddy. Somehow withered, clearly has a endo in there.


  • xScream4
  • Teleport
  • Darkness

G. Freddy (Golden Freddy)Edit

Golden Freddy is the last bit of the Golden Freddy line, he's a Hallucination and Spring Type.

Freddydex EntryEdit

The mysterious Golden Freddy, probably the spring-lock suit accompanying Springtrap.


  • xScream2
  • Crash
  • Error

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