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Freezy Fazbunny is the animatronic embodiment of User:Downtown Freezy.

Freezy fazbunny


Freezy is upbeat almost all the time, but can be... serious? (Ex. no swearin m8 gonna edit ur message) Freezy is, in the restaurant, assigned to clean vandalism on the walls and such. He is an administrator if you will.


He appears as a blue bonnie, but his face is missing, like withered. He has two glowing yellow lights in place of eyes, and a blue tie


Path = Supply Closet>West hall>Office, Fast little bugger, eh?

He starts at 3:00am, comes out of the supply room, and treks into the office. He doesnt scream but rather (Warning-Loud and slightly creepy!) this[1]


-His Laugh Is Photoshop Flowey's laugh

-He was inspired by Bolt-Bon

-He wipes the blood off of the freddy suits snout after your eyesockets bleed.

-He always tells different stories of how he lost his face. His favorite starts out referencing Borderlands 2 how Handsome Jack got scarred, and then goes into a completely different one:

"So i was just sittin in an eridium chair, learnin the universes secrets, right, them some guy came out of a portal and just, punched me! and then my face came out! Ok so my face came out ONCE and my mom was all like 'You're gonna wash walls at freddys'"

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