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Friday Night at Fredbear's is a game created in the same basic formula as FNaF. In order to not be confusing, the acronym for this is FrNaF.


You return to Fredbear's, looking for the animatronics. It turns out someone bought them, for unknown reasons, so you track him down to see if he would be willing to sell. What he didn't know, was that the man was... experimenting with them. He tortured their minds with endless unsolvable formulas. When a robot can't think, it is in agony. He then modified the suits, and now, you're in his house.


Agonized Fredbear

Agonized Fredbear

A demented looking animatronic, Fredbear is the leader of the duo. He moves from Shed>Yard> and after yard it splits off. Either >Entry Hall>Living Room>Kitchen>YOU or >GreenHouse>Walls>Window>YOU

His jumpscare has him lift you up and laugh-screech

Agonized Spring Bonnie

Agonized SpringBonnie

Equally as terrifying, SpringBonnie is the faster of the duo. He moves from Breakers>Basement>Entry Hall>Staircase>Upper Hall>YOU

His jumpscare has him slink towards you screeching

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