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FunBot the Robot is an animatronic made by FunBot 2.0. He is very different from other animatronics as he is very aggressive to the player in all games he has appeared in.


Back in the early days of Fredbear's, a mysterious man appeared in front of the building, and dropped off small parts of his head, neck, and arms. The owners decided to fit it in with a armless and headless exoskeleton, and a new animatronic was born. Public use in that pizzeria never saw daylight, until Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1985 (FNaF 2). Thus he was given a name, FunBot, and partnered with Balloon Boy, so he can give multiple balloons to children. When FunBot is absent, he usually appears as a stage guest character.

During Jeremy's night shifts, FunBot had shown his anger by being active in the night, sometimes already moving way before Jeremy answers the phone call. Once the pizzeria had closed down, he moved with Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, and Foxy.

Fast foward to FNaF 1, where FunBot appears the same. Same aggressiveness, he can even attempt to bang on the window and try to kick the door open.

In 1995, that's when things got real. An unknown staff member (some of the staff even say it was his creator) changed his settings to that he can be a full-on KILLING MACHINE. So during one regular day, GRAPHIC CONTENT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE... DON'T WANNA EVEN SAY IT.... JUST SO MUCH. and then he powered down without warning.

Kept in the storage for a long time, he had to get out. Golden Freddy was just a spirit and was trapped in the rotting building. GF was the first to get out, and FunBot stayed. And stayed. 20 years later, he got out and teamed with Golden Freddy, not knowing he is the only one left. (cue fnaf3)



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