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Funtime at Circus Baby's or just Funtime is a Sister Location fan game that follows a new story with new animatronics.


You play as Mary Afton at a new rental place on an island run by Fazbear Entertainment. Each night, has its own story and gameplay to it.

Night One

You head down to the facility under house on the Island. You first check on Ballora via Observation Deck 1B. You check the light, shock Ballora, and then head to the next area. HandUnit then asks you to move to Observation Deck 1A to check on Bennbida. You repeat Ballora's process and go to Observation Deck 2A. From there you repeat the process on Funtime Foxy and Funtime Bonnie. You move on to Observation Deck 2B and check on Funtime Freddy, Funtime Chica, and Funtime Puppet. You use the light, shock them, and move to Observation Deck 3 in Circus Auditorium. You check on BoBo, GoGo, JoJo, Chuckles, Cranky and Baby. Afterwards, you head back up and the shift is over.

I'm out of time. Night Two out Tomorrow.

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