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Dear User,

You have been accepted into Fush Falls! Your shift will begin June 12th. Please be here by 10:00 AM. Your pay will be $40 per hour.

Here is your schedule:

  • Monday: Tend the Lazy River
  • Tuesday: Dress up as the park mascot and greet guests
  • Wednesday: Dress up as the park mascot and greet guests
  • Thursday: Tend the Raging Rivers
  • Friday: Serve food at White Water Restaurant

Thank you for applying! We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Manager

P.S, don't go in that room in the back of the gift shop. Only the boss and I are allowed in there. Please, PLEASE don't ask why. A young child recently walked in there when we forgot to lock the door. That kid now isn't the same way he was before. Please, don't enter it.

More content coming sooner!

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