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"Uh...Hello? Hello? Uh.. I wanted to record a message for you, G. Uh.. Don't listen to the rumors you might of heard lately. Oh and try not to damage the animatronics, the company cant afford anymore...Talk to you t-tomorrow, heh. (most likely not)"
―Phone Guy


Some attributes
First Night Guard
Second Female
Third Lazy
Other attributes

G has long blond hair that she usually puts into pig-tails. She wears a light and dark green bow to hold her pig-tails up. G has a dark green bow and a light and dark green hair-clip, that is there just for looks. She has dark green goggles, and one eye is a lighter than the other, (no one knows why). G also has a light green bandana and a dark green bow, which is tied around her neck. G wears a light green jumper and a dark green T-shirt.

What G Does in the Day

She lazies around eating Mexican food and noodles and playing video games. She hired a Mexican chef to come and cook for her and for her part time. Her occupation is as a game designer.


She is a lazy, calm person, and she never takes off her bandana or goggles because she doesn't want anyone to see her face. She always says "nobody knows me i don't know them," and the chef always asks if that is a good thing. She is very rich but wanted something to do during her spare time at night so she got the job.

Back story

When she was young, her mother worked as a waitress in Freddy's. She enjoyed getting free meals up until the Bite of '87. Then she was scared to death of the place as she grew up and became 18. Her mother had died when there was a fire at Freddy's. Her father was murdered later in the year, and she inherited the house and all the money. She used it to her advantage she hired a Mexican chef and bought a video games console, and a lot of games for it.



G calls Mangle a "Great Bud". G is always getting her parts and repairing her.


They are not so great friends because when Foxy jumps at her, he tries to rip off her bandana and goggles.

Toy Freddy

G and Toy Freddy are kinda friends, but she gets annoyed by his laugh.


They are good friends. She likes the Toreador March jingle he plays, and she says it soothes her.

Toy Chica

She is very good friends with Toy Chica, and says she's cute when she has her beak and eyes on. But when she leaves the stage and takes them off, G does not want to see her, and starts shouting "Get your butt back on that stage!"


G prefers Chica to Toy Chica because she doesn't look as creepy. "Girl you gotta stop eatin' so much pizza your gettin' chubby," she always teases.


G hates him, and she wants to kill him. She tried once, but the bells chimed, and the day guard said that she would be fired if she did it again. but sometimes when she sees him in the vent she starts yelling G- DONT WANNA SEE!

Golden Freddy

She doesn't mind him, because the suit was used to murder her father, and she didn't like her father.

The Puppet

G doesn't like him, because she forgets to wind up the music box from time to time. She came up with the idea of taking him to her desk so the music was louder and she wouldn't forget. It worked most nights.


G 2.0
  • She wears different clothes when she is in her mansion
    • She wears glasses instead. but leaves on the bandana, and ties up her hair. For some reason, when she is in the mansion, her hair turns lighter.

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