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This is an official showtape from Gamer Guy's Party Arcade FunZone that took place in 1996, courtesy of Gamer Guy entertainment and Emerald CustomStuff

Please Enjoy


  • Gamer Guy: Hey everyone!!!!
  • Gwen: Hey all you guys and gals!!!!
  • B-ball Bear: What is up my bruthus and sistas
  • Jazzy Jake: Welcome to this here Gamer Guy's Party Arcade FunZone!!!
  • Gamer Guy: I think it needs a bit more exclaimation!!! on the count of three everyone!!!! 1.. 2.. 3..
  • Everyone onstage: GAMER GUY'S PARTY ARCADE FUNZONE!!!!!
  • Gamer Guy: That's more like it!!!!
  • B-ball bear: is everyone havin a good 'ol time???
  • B-ball bear: I said; IS EVERYONE HAVIN A GOOD TIME???
  • children: YEAH!!!
  • B-ball bear: now that's what i'm talkin 'bout!!!!
  • Gamer Guy: Now.. I hear someone's got a birthday today!!!!
  • children: *optional* YEAH!!!
  • Gamer Guy: now.... Lindsay Kingsland!!! come on up!!!!
  • children: YEAH!!!!!!!!
  • Whiskers: BIRTHDAY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!
  • Gamer Guy: Let's bring Chop-Q on out here!!!!
  • Whiskers and Jazzy Jake: YEAH!!!
  • Gwen: Kids!!! help us call to him, CHOP-Q!!!!, again!! CHOP-Q!!! one last time!!! CHOP-Q!!!!!!
  • Chop-Q: Hey dudes and dudettes!!! I hear there's a b-day t'day!!!
  • Gamer Guy: we called you out to help us sing!!!!!
  • Chop-Q: well then why are we still standin here????? le's sang!!!

"Happy Birthday song starts"

  • "Happy Birthday to you!!"
  • "Happy Birthday to you!!"
  • "Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!"
  • "Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!"
"Chop-Q starts twerking"
  • Chop-Q: Man!!! it's gettin to where I can't even Gangnam style during a preformance!!
  • Gamer Guy: Now that's what i'm talking about!!_
  • Whiskers: Let's get this party started!!

"party music plays"

More may or may not be added soon

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