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Garnet Freddy is an animatronic similar to Golden Freddy in name and terms of appearance


He is dark red, similarly to the Gemstone he is named after. His appearance is like the Golden Freddy design from the first FNaF. The biggest differences are the fact that he is transparent and spectral. His hat and bowtie are coloured daisy white. His eyes glow bright ice blue.


Before he was Garnet Freddy, he was Sky Smalls, a young 13 year old boy who liked to hang out at Freddy's, even though everyone said he was too old. All of his best childhood memories were at that pizzeria. One day, Sky was leaning against the door to Parts and Serviced. The door opened, and someone pulled him in. He was slaughtered, and a Freddy suit was splattered with his dark red blood. The bloodstained suit was the last thing Sky saw, so his soul manifested in a similar design, with a white hat and Sky's ice blue eye colour.


-Garnet Freddy was his creator's first Animatronic

-He was created by Bladed27

-More trivia TBA

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