Gary greyhound is a greyhound animatronic and is a member of the Galaxy warriors. He is friends with Marco who helped him escape years ago.


When Gary greyhound used to preform alongside the others, he was shut down after a bug was in his system. He had been old ever since they shut him down and he felt lonely. After he had waited every year for them to return him to his position as guitar player again, he found a bird named Marco who flew in the window.

He asked for help from the bird and replied that he will help him escape. But as soon as the wrokers found Gary escaping through the window, they chased after him, but due to him being a racing dog, he was fast. After his escape, he lived alone again nowhere to be found.

Then he was caught by the police put back in the pizzeria. Then he lived his unsual terrible life under arrest in the pizzeria. As soon as the other animatronics tried to cheer him up, he heard the news that someone's killing the children and putting them in suits.

That was Gary's time to escape. He had gotten help from the others, jumped out of the window and escape peacefully from the awful murderer. As he walked for a new job instead of a pizzeria, he came across some prophecy about the Galaxy warriors.

He was briefly mentioned in the prophecy as stated a robotic dog and he joined the Galaxy warriors, still side-by-side with Marco today.


Gary is always seen wearing a red bow tie and golden bronze mixed fur.


Gary is implied as a calm and unhappy greyhound who has suffered his emotional traumatizing memory at the pizzeria, but he is also a good dog, cheerful, funny, protective and determined.



Marco had been the one who helped Gary escape his troubles at the pizzeria and they both share brother to brother relationships with each other.


  • Gary might have suffered from PTSD, a panic attack or a stress disorder, as shown he was stuck at a pizzeria with a murderer in there.

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