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―Gnaw the Dragon

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Gnaw is an baby animatronic dragon that is a member of the Cult of Karth. He has two forms, his lizard form, and his dragon form. He changes his forms when his rage meters hits the maximum level, and back when his rage lowers. 


Gnaw in his baby lizard midget form, is kind of short. He is dark green, and has robotic scales. As he is a lizard animatronic, he has some parts of a lizard like a tail. His tail is really short, and he has pointy claws that possibly could kill something if he wanted to or if he wasn't too lazy. His big scary not at all midget dragon form is big as a large car. tbc


Gnaw is very lazy, he spends most of his time sleeping or eating in either of his forms. He is very vicious, but is nice to his friends.





Gnaw is very loyal to Qeety since Qeety is his owner.


Gnaw has a weird relationship with Phobe as Phobe will help Gnaw get what he wants.






Games They Appear In



  • He represents sloth.
  • Gnaw was the quickdraw for the dragon 1v1v1.

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