In the year of 20016, a new place was born...

GoboHobo's Computer Museum. Here, people can look at the 1st computer known to mankind, the MacBook Air. It's huge, you need to buy your games, it has not much stuff, it's useless. Anyways, the only people who go are computer people and animatronics. But the remaining humans go, too.

Here's incidents:

  • On January 1, 20021, a person went to see old computers after a long talk about the alphabet. When he went there, something shocked him. One of the only 2 MacBook Airs had some taco (see TacooFish) on its top. He sued the place for $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, but they only gave him a penny. Back then, a penny was A LOT OF MONEY. But Donald Trump IIIIIIIIIIIIII gave them $1,000,000, and stuff got RICH AGAIN! YEAH!
  • Once, User IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII was playing Be a Hawk on the iGlasses. He got shot by a hunter in game when the person saw the computers. Then there was a World War IIIII: User VS. Freddy Fazbear!
  • Once, some kids watched Come in! on HouseTV. They threw all the Macbook Airs in the trash vacuum.

Computers you can see

  • Silver MacBook Air: Seen in pea size, small, original, big maybe? GIANT, and GALAXY SIZE!
  • MacBook Pro: A bit newer than the MacBook Air...
  • MacBook: The fastest computer here. They're super big though. They fill up fish rooms!
  • Gold MacBook Air: Seen in all sizes of the Silver MacBook Air. Has Email and Internet - old!
  • iMac: For the people who like new best.
  • Mac Pro: For normal people.
  • Mac Mini: For people who like old best.
  • iPad Pro: For people who REALLY LOVE OLD!
  • Apple pencil: The first pencil known to mankind.

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