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This page is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.


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Since there are different variants of Goldbear, and I don't want too many of them, they're all compact into this one page.

"Your typical recolor." -Goldbear's Loading Screen.
Goldbear is an animatronic golden bear. He's a sarcastic character that can be unlocked as DLC in FNAF World. He also makes an appearance at Nightshift at Goldbear's as the main antagonist.


Goldbear has a very similar appearance to Fredbear. He's a much brighter yellow with yellow eyes, with his eyelids down in a bored or tired expression. One of his eyebrows is higher than the other and he has an orange bowtie and hat. His left ear is missing similarly to Withered Golden Freddy and he wears a blue jacket and black pants with a white stripe going down it.


Mega BiteDeals an incredible amount of damage to enemies.
Balloons 2Summons a large amount of balloons.
Happy Jam 2Greatly heals party instantly and temporarily increases speed.


Goldbear is a strong attacker and good healer. Mega Bite and Balloons 2 are great for heavy damage and Happy Jam 2 is a great heal, which also increases speed. This makes Goldbear a necessity for the team.



  • Goldbear's clothing style is based off of Sans from Undertale.
  • Goldbear's left ear being missing is in reference to Withered Golden Freddy, the creator's favourite FNAF character.
  • Goldbear was originally planned to have Mega Bite 2 and Regen Song, but this was changed.

"Your typical withered variant." -Withered Goldbear's Loading Screen.
Withered Goldbear is a withered version of Goldbear. He has no character as he's purely just a withered version of Goldbear.


Withered Goldbear has a similar appearance to Withered Freddy, but with a blue jacket, black pants with a white stripe and a yellow colour. There are rips in his pants but no rips on the legs, and there are wires hanging from the arms. His ear is still missing and so is his eye. His other eye is still orange with a bored expression. A wire is coming out of his ear.


Mic ShowerA ton of microphones rain down on the enemies and do massive damage.
Mega BiteDeals an incredible amount of damage to enemies.
Gloom SongTemporarily decreases all enemies attack power.


  • Withered Goldbear has similar moves to Withered Freddy. Mic Shower is based off of Mic Toss and both characters have Gloom Song.
    • The only difference is that Withered Goldbear has Mega Bite, which the original Goldbear has.
  • Withered Goldbear doesn't have one of his eyebrows risen like the original Goldbear.

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