Golden Amy
Some attributes
First Evil
Second Hates Amy the Cat
Third Aggressive
Other attributes

Golden Amy is a golden version of Amy the Cat.


Golden Amy is Amy's worst nightmare. She is the physical incarnation of Amy's worst case scenario and paranoid mind. She is cruel, evil, and an utter backstabber. When she isn't alone with Amy, she pretends to be very similar to Amy. Golden Amy dares not kill her normal counterpart, as she is possessed by Amy's paranoid mind, not a spirit.


Golden Amy lacks the tares and scratches of her normal counterpart. Much like golden Freddy, she has very tiny white irises inside black, empty eyes. She has no tail, oddly.


Golden Amy can hover above the ground, become invisible, and teleport. All of these abilities are limited, however. She cannot hover while under stress, and cannot become invisible nor teleport when in extreme pain, or in mortal fear.


Amy the Cat

Golden Amy's sole purpose is to torment Amy. Amy is very scared of Golden Amy, as she fears one day she will die to her golden counterpart's hand, as she is not aware is she dies so does Golden Amy.


Bonnette treats Golden Amy much akin to Amy. She is oblivious to Amy's torture from Golden Amy.


Bonnie is the only one to distrust Golden Amy. He picked up the fact that Golden Amy is evil, but pretends not to know a thing.


Foxy avoids Golden Amy. He doesn't distrust her, but he does it for an unknown reason.


Freddy treats Golden Amy as a sister. She finds this funny, and will make faces at him behind his back.


Golden Amy is actually fond of Chica. The two are friends, but Golden Amy constantly tries to banish all fondness towards the Chicken.

Rose Evargarde

Rose also avoids Golden Amy. The reason for this is somewhat selfish, as she doesn't want to deal with another heavily depressed person.


Golden Amy has fallen for SpringTrap. She acknowledges the fact he is the purple man, and likes his style.


  • She is an empty suit, and if she is worn by another endoskeleton, she will possess the suit of the animatronic that endoskeleton belongs to.
  • Golden Amy has a slow reaction time.