Golden Apple Cow

The Golden Apple Cow is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Minecrafts: The Attraction and a minor character in Six Nights at Minecrafts. He's a Golden Apple Cow (duh) from the OreSpawn mod, as well as CrazyCraft.


The Golden Apple Cow can appear in every single camera feed, and therefore can be seen everywhere unless in/outside the Office (window). Use Beetroot to lure him away, or, if he's in a Attic, block the doorway. He has two jumpscares. The difference between him and Springtrap from FNaF 3 is that he can move on camera. On Nightmare, he's replaced by the Enchanted Golden Apple Cow.




The Golden Apple Cow was originally from the first Mojang AB building, as the mascot. He was deemed too dangerous, however, as there was an error in his scource code, and he was subsequently sealed away in a building in The End. He was found, however, by workers, and was sold to BPH Entertainment. After that, he was put in The Attraction, some type of luna park/arcade hall. There was an error in his programming, however, causing him to attack everyone he sees at night. On Night 3, he ambushed and killed Phone Endie, and spoke to the nightguard. On Night 4, he called the nightguard yet again, threatening that he would find and kill the guard, and that he'd do so no matter what. On Night 5, a strangle, garbled voice played for the night's entirety.


  • Golden Apple Cow is the only animatronic in the whole series that has ever spoken full sentences.

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