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Golden Foxtail

Golden Foxtail is not an animatronic but a suit stripped of its endoskeleton. Golden Foxtail is an Easteregg in Five nights at Foxtail's.

Golden Foxtail

It is a favorite of the creator of this animatronic. It is also a Foxtail Variation too.


Golden Foxtail doesn't have a personality but it has a very depressing expression when he talks. Foxtail calls Golden Foxtail 'him' because they treat him like a king but something special. He never moves but he talks to Foxtail like a sensei or master, noone really knows what  he says to Foxtail but all we know is that it got Foxtail the reputation to become a leader.



Golden Foxtail just talks to Foxtail. Noone else. He teaches him things that made him become the leader of the gang. All the animatronics ask Foxtail what Golden Foxtail tell him but he never says. Golden Foxtail is hidden from everything and he was like that when he was alive too.

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