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Golden Foxy (By Kamikazewolf!)

No relation to Golden Toy Foxy.

Golden Foxy is a deteriorated, golden colored Foxy suit. He is blind, as he wears eyepatchs over both his eyes. He appears in the game Unity.


Golden Foxy was made by Golden Freddy using spare animatronic parts and a suit made by the Seamstress, colored gold. After he was made, he was taken on a plane heading to an international performance for animatronics when he fell out of the plane with Evanna Valentine. After they found their way home, they became friends and eventually starting performing together.


He is very wise and murderous, often many steps ahead of his opponent. Around his friends, he is calm, but nice to be around.

Special Relations:

Valerie- He trusts her and is good friends with her.

Golden Freddy- He has mixed feelings for him; he purposely made him crippled, but he did create him in the first place.

Seamstress- He likes her and wishes he can know her better.

Games He Appears In


Left For Five Nights


-He is carried over the shoulder by Evanna Valentine, as he has no legs.

-His eyes not traditional endoskeleton eyes; they are human eyes, so a human WAS stuffed into this suit. Who is in it is never explained.

-He was originally in a scrapped story by ManinBlack, but the story never got released due to conflicting ideas.

-He is currently the only gold animatronic in service.


Drawn By: SpringThing14

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