Were you looking for Holly the Fox, or Toy Holly?

Golden Holly
Gold Holly
Some attributes
First Fox/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Insane
Other attributes
Fourth Golden counterpart of Holly the Fox
Fifth Cunning


Golden Holly looks the same as Holly the Fox, but golden.

Character Bio

Golden Holly was created when her creator was making random pictures in her notebook. She drew a strange Holly that she colored gold.

Social Life

Like the rest of the animatronics, a girl named Sara was stuffed into her suit. Golden Holly is a psychopathic killing machine, so almost no body wants to be friends with her.


General: Golden Holly is a killing machine, so almost no one wants to be friends with her.

Special Relationships

Holly the Fox: Golden Holly tries to most likely kill her regular counterpart regularly, so Holly has to run, hide, or fight when she is near her.

Rei the Raven: Rei hates Golden Holly for attempting to harm Holly. As a result, Rei starts cawing very noisily when he sees her.


  • Her initials are GH.

(Also, thanks ManinBlack007JK for making the picture!)

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