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Golden Paul is an animatronic at Paul Penguin's Ice Cream Parlor, or PPICP. It was created by Shadowboy192.


After all the needed animatronics were created for PPICP strange things started to happen, most likely after Ike was brought. Some employees started to experience hallucinations and sometimes see a figure that has a similiar appearance to Paul, It was nicknamed by these employees ''Golden Paul''. More information will be added later(or not)...


Golden Paul, like the name suggests, is similiar to Paul. It's differences are the yellow/golden color and the empty eye sockets.


It's unknown what Golden Paul really is. The employees and people who saw it started to hear voices calling them and witness hallucinations, with it becoming more common overtime. These people started to be called insane amongst the others around them. Some even started to isolate themselves from others and talk outloud with themselves when there's no one around to be seen.



  • This page used to contain different information. I later changed it because i didn't really like how it was.
  • Golden Paul used to be a different animatronic brought from a different location to PPICP that was then made to look more like Paul. It was later changed to a different backstory.

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