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All credit to South Ferry for the picture.

Golden Toy Chica, abbreviated often to GTC, is a golden animatronic revamp of the original Toy Chica. She appears almost the same as the regular Toy Chica, except with a figure with more yellow coloring and different eyes than the original.


Before the meteor that killed all the Cutting Crew, GTC was made as part of an expierment involving her now signature weapon, The Cupcake Laser, a device that can destroy enemies and heal allies with bolts of energy. She never got finished due to The Seamstress's busy schedule of controlling animatronics. Lindsay finished her, and now she works alongside her crew.


In any FNAF-esque game she is in, she can randomly appear in any room, including the Office. She forces the player to look at her with the camera, eventually fading away, similar to the Phantom Puppet from Five Nights At Freddy's 3(Canon). She appears on later nights, including 4-7.


She is very mute, and often only speaks to those who speak to her. She isn't shy, though, and loves fighting, but outside from that, she is a very trustworthy animatronic.

Special Relations:

Foxy Mark 4: She works alongside him a lot, and they communicate well, but silently.

Golden Animatronics: She hates most of them, as most are malevonet sociopaths. She considers this disgraces to the Golden race of animatronics.


She can be seen eyeless as times, though this doesnt seem to do anything.

In addition, sometimes a dead body can be seen next to her, leading to her jumpscare of her flying at you, with bloody eyes.

Phantom GTC sometimes appears in some games, jumpscaring anyone who looks at her in a cam. She appears as a withered Toy Chica, burnt like the rest of the Phantoms.


-She has warping and magic capabilities. Mostly, she never shows these.

-GTC may have a human inside her, considering one of her hallucinations. A canidate might be Melissa's body, as while her soul is in Hannah, her body is free.

-Phantom GTC is a spring suit, giving hint of it's past.

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